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The Strange Things People Transport in Shipping Boxes (and how they do it)

People use shipping boxes to send all sorts of things to friends, family, customers, and other recipients. What was the last thing you sent in a shipping box? Maybe it was a gift for a loved one, a care package, or a product for a customer; and most likely it wasn’t too out of the ordinary. Perhaps it was clothing, books, CDs, packaged food, or a simple home item.

We all send things like this through the mail all the time. But some people and businesses are shipping much more unusual items, with custom boxes designed for a highly specific purpose. Consider the following examples of out-of-the-ordinary items that people ship – such as plants and foliage and even snow – and how they ship them (including the type of shipping boxes they use).

Delicate Orchids to Your Doorstep
Shipping flowers, foliage, and even fruit trees through the mail is hardly unheard of. There are countless nurseries that operate their business online, either partially or fully, and make it easy to order a variety of seeds and plants to your home. Sending fresh bouquets and floral arrangements to virtually any location in the world is just as easy. This practice has not always been possible for extremely delicate, expensive, and perishable flowers such as orchids, though. But now it is.

Shipping Boxes for Flowers
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