Recycling Resource: What Can You Make From a Cardboard Box?

Recycling is a great way to protect the planet and conserve resources. The Three R’s of protecting the environment are “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Reducing means to limit or only to use what is needed. A great way to reduce water waste is to turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, or to take a shower instead of a bath. Reuse means to not throw away after just one use. Great things that can be reused are water bottles and plastic cups, just wash right after use and fill up again. Recycle means to take an old object and make it new again. Cans, glass bottles, newspaper and metals are just some of the materials that can be recycled. Leftover food, egg shells, leaves; even dog poop can be used for recycling in a compost heap. There are so many examples of how to use the three R’s, but here’s a great example.

A group of open cardboard containers discarded

Imagine a family with a bunch of kids in the middle of a big move to a new home. There would be toys, clothes and boxes everywhere. Once they move the toys and clothes have a place to go, but what to do with all of those boxes? Some families choose to throw them away, but every kid knows there are a ton of other options!

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Stop! Recycle Those Boxes

Do you only have one garbage can in your house? If you do, it’s possible that you don’t know much about recycling. When you recycle, you can help the planet. There are a limited number of resources and when you recycle, it makes them last longer. It also cuts back the amount of garbage there is. Chances are if you have ever driven by a dump, you certainly noticed.

Box with recycle symbol

The more garbage there is, the more dumps there will be in the future. If you click around, you can learn exactly what recycling is, how to recycle, and play fun games in the process. There are definitely fun ways to recyle. Check it out!

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Custom Advertising Resource Center

No matter where a person may look it is inevitable that they will likely see an advertisement for something. It may be a commercial on television, the newest cell phone service on a billboard sign, or sales for grocery stores in the local newspaper and often times they may not even realize it is an advertisement. Advertising is a persuasive message by a sponsor that has been paid for by a business or company in order to inform the public, existing and potential customers, of a new product or service available to them. By advertising a company can generate more traffic which in turn will help increase sales.

Times Square Advertising in New York City

There are many ways to advertise that have proven to be very effective.

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Thinking Outside the Box – A Guide to Problem Solving

Everyday people are faced with a number of decisions. What to eat, where to go and other decisions need to be made on a regular basis. Some decisions such as what to wear or what to do are fairly easy to make. Others, such as career and education options can be more difficult. Any decisions that are made will have an impact on both the immediate and the future of individuals involved.

aking plans on a transparent wipe board

When making decisions or solving problems, people need to consider as much information as possible to reach the decision. The decision maker needs to look at all sides of the situation, weigh the possible consequences of each decision and ultimately come to a conclusion. This type of decision making is utilizing critical thinking.

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Packing Up and Heading West: The History of Covered Wagons

Many pioneers joined in the massive move westward that took place in the 1800s. There were a variety of reasons why families made this momentous decision. For instance, some families moved west in search of a better quality of life that included more farmland at a lower price than in the eastern part of the United States. Some people moved in pursuit of a lucrative new way to earn a living in frontier territory. The Gold Rush of 1848 in California also enticed folks to move westward in search of a fortune. In short, promises of new opportunity persuaded many families to commit to the long, treacherous journey westward.

Covered wagon

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Thinking Outside the Box – A Creative Thinking Guide

Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas. Creative people may come up with new concepts that will help solve a problem, or they may focus on creating art that will help the world see things differently. Creative people tend to be problem solvers, because they continue to look for a new solution after the traditional ones have been tried. Many of the most creative people have gone down in history because they explored new ideas and invented things as a result of their creativity.

Woman in glasses thinking

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A Teacher’s Guide to Elkonin Boxes

Elkonin boxes (also known as ‘sound boxes’) refer to a method of instruction used to build phonemic awareness in early elementary grade students. Elkonin boxes help to increase reading skills by challenging students to segment words into their individual sounds and syllables. Boxes are drawn on a piece of paper, dry-erase board, or chalkboard and students are asked to listen to a word and mark a single box for each phoneme heard.

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Fire Prevention In Your Home

It is important that all homeowners and their families are aware of the dangers of fire and the damage they can cause. A fatality occurs every 134 seconds as a result of a house fire; accounting for thousands of deaths each year.

People looking at smoke detector from staircase

Understanding how to protect yourself and your family from fire related accidents and injuries is essential; the following fire safety tips are designed to help you be prepared, should a fire occur.

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Learning About Prometheus, Pandora, and Pandora’s Box

Pandora was the first woman in Greek mythology, and was created by each of the gods giving her unique gifts. Hephaestus created her by molding the earth, by order of Zeus and each god joined in her creation giving her attributes such as the ability to weave and do needlework, a deceitful nature, grace and longing, and much more. The gods that helped in her creation are Athena, Hermes, Aphrodite, the Charities, and the Horae. Her name is given to her by Hermes and means “all gifted” because of the gifts given her by each of the Olympians. According to the mythology Pandora is given a pithos, or jar, which contains sickness, toil, death, and all the evils of the world.

Pandora Box Open with Mysterious Glowing Magic Gift

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How to Recycle: The Ultimate Guide to Recycling

Knowing what things you can recycle is the first step toward integrating environmental responsibility into your daily routine.

This recycling guide will give you general information on what categories of materials can be recycled as well as the best ways to make recycling a habit in your daily routine. This guide addresses many of the common recycling facts and questions, including how to understand the various recycling symbols and their meanings to help you to find the answers you need quickly and easily.

Recycling Boxes and Other Materials

In the following guide, learn how to recycle the following items:

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