Ecommerce Startups & Branding 101 – Custom Printed Boxes

In the intense world of Silicon Valley Startups, the smallest detail can mean the difference between being on top and losing out to a competitor. The most successful startup businesses — and established companies — understand that how they package their goods directly represents the amount of pride they take in their business (at least in the eyes of customers). And customers do know it, too: countless studies and focus group results have shown that custom printed boxes can boost new sales and help keep clients coming back.

Printed Ecommerce Box

In order to compete with the online retail giant Amazon, innovator Marc Lore founded Jet, an e-commerce site which aims to offer prices that are 10-15% lower than Amazon’s on a variety of goods. From the beginning, Jet has focused on building its brand — including its custom box printing. Lore understands the reality of his situation: that getting consumers to switch from a trusted and known e-retailer like Amazon (even to a company like Jet, that is more efficient and cheaper) takes time and a great attention to detail. Jet’s packaging utilizes their company logo and coloring, and their name is printed across all sides of their boxes (as opposed to Amazon, which uses brown shipping boxes and much more minimal branding). Their boxes are also featured heavily on their social media accounts, where they retweet/repost photographs of their customers creating “houses” and toys out of them with their children. Smart move.

Branded Boxes

Then there’s the newcomer M.Gemi, which brings the luxury of Italian leather shoes to people all over the world — and at prices that consumers of all income levels can afford. M.Gemi (founded by the creator of RueLaLa) aims to give customers the high-end experience at a fraction of the cost, by working with smaller leather factories. They’ve created their packaging to mimic the feel of a $2,000 pair of shoes. A sleek white and gold-rimmed box opens to reveal an elegant canvas shoe bag (stamped with the M.Gemi logo, of course.) But what’s really special about this product packaging is the stylish, handwritten card that’s included in every box, which is stamped with the address of the factory and includes the name of the customer the shoes were made for in script. M.Gemi boxes and shoes are frequently featured on the Instagram accounts of major fashionistas, who incorporate them into their unboxing shots and videos.

Luxury Shipping Box

Before your customers get to enjoy your goods, first, they have to take them out of the box — so don’t miss this unique and crucial branding opportunity. When you’re creating your custom shipping boxes and packaging options, your best bet may just be to think outside of that proverbial box!

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