Drop Shipping Custom Packaging for Your Products

These days, especially in the age of eCommerce, being a merchant really isn’t all that hard. Find a product, launch a site and you’re on your way. 

Ok, so we’ve drastically simplified the process here…we can admit that. But the point is, anyone can sell something. Being a merchant is pretty easy. It’s being a merchant who stands out that’s the hard part.

The industry is constantly evolving. And the latest trend? Drop shipping. The idea of no muss, no fuss drop shipping is becoming more appealing and commonplace in the world of eCommerce, but how can you take advantage of this strategy while standing out? Drop shipping custom packaging is one way!

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But First…What is Drop Shipping?
Drop shipping is a convenient, often profitable way to turn and burn product without having to deal with inventory, storage or shipping yourself. In many ways, it’s an eCommerce marketplace owner’s dream. 

The Up Side to Drop Shipping…
With drop shipping, you sell the product, you collect the money, but you don’t have to handle any of the other aspects. As inventory moves, you simply purchase it from a distributor who then ships it directly to your customer. You eliminate the time, money and effort that goes into ordering, managing, storing and shipping inventory on your own. When done right, it can be a brilliant way to do business, particularly when first starting out. 

With drop shipping, start-up costs and time-to-launch tend to be significantly less, and you don’t need a physical location or anywhere to store inventory. The ease-factor this way of doing business allows for is immeasurable. The model is scalable, too. Sell one product or one hundred different products…you earn money on the actual sales you make, as you make them, making risk largely a non-issue. 

The Down Side to Drop Shipping…
No business model is perfect, and there are a few things to be aware of if you’re considering going the drop shipping route. 

First, there’s the issue of control. When you drop ship, you have little to no control over quality, shipping speed, inventory and brand awareness. Personalized touches can be difficult to manage since you don’t actually ever have your hands on the product. And if things go wrong, like shipments are late, the wrong product is shipped, items arrive damaged or anything else happens that results in your customer being unhappy, you are to blame. 

One last potential downside is brand identity. Most brands that drop ship deliver in plain corrugated boxes to mask the reality that they aren’t actually the ones delivering the product to customers. Herein lies the problem: custom branding is a non-negotiable these days. Consumers are finicky and unforgiving. They are demanding. They want an experience. Custom packaging with gorgeous branding is one way to appease them. And as it becomes more of the norm, a lack of creative, intriguing, pretty or unique branding can be a deal breaker for many people. 

Getting the Most Out Of Drop Shipping – Custom Packaging

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Enter drop shipping custom packaging. As the trend of drop shipping becomes more prevalent, so too does the need to create a way for brands to stand out in the process. One way sellers are combating this is by exploring options to make custom product packaging feasible despite a lack of actually touching products. Reach out to your packaging vendor to see about the possibility of them shipping your custom packaging directly to your drop shipping vendor. If this is a service they don’t offer, then you would need to coordinate directly with the drop shipper to see about the potential of you forwarding your custom packaging to them after you receive it. Be sure to account for any additional time for delivery if there will be any delay or added time to accommodate this feature. It may take some diligence and a bit of extra work on your end to get it all set up, but the payoff should be well worth it. 

Ready to learn more about how custom packaging can change your drop shipping game? Reach out to Custom Boxes Now today for more information. We’re the custom box experts, ready to help you, and your sales, soar.