How to Come Up with a Creative Box Design for Your Brand

You already know how tough competition from other brands in your industry can be. You’re constantly looking for ways to stand out, but even then you still feel as though you’re just keeping up with the status quo. Have you considered the impact that packaging can have on your business? And if you already know how important creative box design is to the success of your brand, are you stuck coming up with some truly innovative creative ideas? If you need help creating an awesome package design, it may help to consider the following questions and points with your team.

Creative Box Designs - Branded Boxes

What’s Your Budget?
Of course, this goes without saying – but be sure you’re evaluating the budget for your custom printed boxes accurately, and consider doing a bulk order. Keep in mind, it may cost more initially to make a custom bulk order, but it will probably save you money in the long run.

Are there any deals you can take advantage of? Check and ask.

Do you plan on keeping the same package design throughout the year, or would you like to rotate your design throughout the seasons? This will affect the size of your order. Plus, even if your custom packaging costs a bit more, it shows customers you care about every aspect of their experience with your product.

Branded Shipping Boxes

People are far more likely to show a cute box on their social media accounts than they would a plain box.

Remember to always ask for an electronic sample of your design before you commit to a large order, so that you save yourself and your design team any headaches or surprises.

Consider the Text
Often, companies are so wrapped up in designing the perfect logo and picking out perfectly coordinating store colors, they often overlook text altogether. This is a mistake: think of your packaging as a part of your advertising budget.

Can you include a brief history of the company? Your contact information, store hours, and websites? Can you create a hashtag for a long-term marketing campaign?

Let customers know where and how to find information about your brand and products on social media. Make it easy for them to tag their own photos so you can keep in touch with them. What about personalizing a brief message to your customer? These small tweaks can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your advertising, and help to get your name out there.

Think Outside the Box
Our best advice? Do something other people might think is a little crazy. We prefer the terms “innovative” and “ahead of the game.”

If your box looks like everyone else’s, think about how you can make it stand out.

For example, can your packaging be reused in some way? Are you a floral boutique? Why not create a box that can be folded into a flower pot? If you’re shipping shoes, can the box also be designed to hang as its own shoe holder? What about the interior of your box? Can you get crazy with fonts, colors, and even include some glitter or confetti for an extra dose of magic?

Boxes with Printing Inside
You already know the importance of package design. If you still have a few ideas you’d like to fine-tune or a few questions you need answered, or if you’re all ready to get the ball rolling on the design, reach out today. Let us help you with years of industry experience and an invaluable creative eye. Let’s get started.

To start your own project, start configuring your custom boxes or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.