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From RSC’s to Trays & Covers to Corrugated Pads, learn more about box styles and understand which styles are best for your products.

How the C-Series Boxes Dominated the Online Subscription-Box Market

When it comes to custom printed product boxes, a little thing called the “C-Series” is dominating the online box club market. The C-Series box, one of the most popular styles available, is also one of the most versatile. Using durable corrugated board and various color printing techniques depending on the specifications of the customer, it’s possible to manufacture incredibly creative and structurally sound promotional shipping boxes in the auto-locking C-Series style.

Printed Auto-locking box - C-Series Box

It’s particularly popular for clothing and food retailers that ship their products directly to customers, whether selling individual items or sending samples as part of a monthly subscription club. Here are some shining examples of C-Series design and color printing options that show just how this box is dominating the online subscription-box market.

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Using the Right Size Custom Box for Your Products

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all custom printed box, and yet for some reason many companies are still ordering their shipping packages as if this were the case. The fact of the matter is that using the wrong size or type of box to ship your products can lead to cost inefficiencies and a reduced return on investment. So, are you using the “right size” printed box for your shipped products? After reading the following post and considering the facts, you may very well decide that your packaging scheme could use some serious readjusting.

It’s all about the Right Size
Shipping costs are going up as a result of policy changes at FedEx, UPS, and USPS and simple inflation. For this reason, companies that ship their products to customers should be carefully considering whether they’re using boxes that are appropriate for the size and weight of their goods. If you’re just shipping tee-shirts, for example, you may be better off opting for plastic or paper mailers. If you’re shipping delicate or heavy items, on the other hand, a sturdy corrugated box will be best.
Custom Printed Box

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Custom Wine Boxes Making a Big Splash with Consumers

More and more we’re seeing small and large vintners alike offering custom boxes designed for the unique shape of their products. Whether shipping straight to customers’ doors, enhancing the in-store shopping process, or beautifying the presentation of wine bottle in a tasting room, custom wine boxes serve many purposes. This is part of a larger movement towards more creative and oftentimes sustainable packaging, which is found in many retail industries today. Keep reading to learn more about how custom wine boxes are making a big splash with vintners and their customers.

Wine Shipping Box

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The Top 8 Examples of Custom Holiday Shipping Boxes

When was the last time you looked at custom cardboard examples to get an idea of the latest custom holiday shipping boxes? Many retailers don’t take the time to see what’s out there. Online retailers are in the midst of their busiest time of the year, and things are only going to get more hectic as we continue through December and into January, but there’s still time to get creative in terms of packaging.

Some retailers prefer to cut corners and keep things simple with the basic, brown, cardboard box. Others take advantage of this festive time of year to set themselves apart from other online retailers and leave a lasting impression by presenting customers with beautiful packaging when their orders arrive. The following list includes eight examples of the most unique and creative retail holiday shipping boxes.

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The Benefits of Using Custom Boxes

If you’re sending a package or gift to a family member, friend, or an individual that simply purchased or requested an item, your standard stock box at the UPS or USPS store will work just fine.

However, if you’re a business or online store doing business on eBay, Amazon, Overstock, or one of several such online portals, then you should certainly be using custom boxes to ship your products. Consider the following benefits as to reasons for using custom boxes over the standard manufacturer or stock box.


Arguably the most distinct advantage of using a custom box over a standard stock box is marketing and branding. The appearance of the box will be the first impression that customers have once received. Take advantage of this opportunity to further reinforce your brand, visibility, and potential for future business with the customer. Printed Shipping Box

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Custom Boxes Now: Help Center

New, average, and/or veteran box shoppers can find all the resources and information necessary to be educated about custom boxes at the Custom Boxes Now! Help Center.

Help Center - Custom Boxes Now!

From providing the basics to boxes in its Shipping Boxes 101 section, to learning about the Box Printing Process, examining Box Examples, FAQ’s, to even keeping up with its Shipping Boxes Blog, Custom Boxes Now! offers a plethora of resources to help users make a decision in the custom box process.

Custom Boxes Now! offers its users the ability to instantly configure, price, and purchase custom shipping boxes. Printing can also be added to the boxes, such as company logos and product information. Start with our online box builder or you can contact Custom Boxes Now to design custom cardboard boxes specifically for your products.

Large Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Today, more than ever, customers shop for almost everything online, from furniture to heavy tools. Large custom boxes may be necessary to get these items to their destinations.

Custom Boxes Now! has created boxes for the aerospace industry, medical devices and wind turbines, so we understand what it takes to create heavy-duty boxes to protect large, fragile and valuable inventory. Our experience across industries has helped us make boxes for large items and heavy equipment, as well as everything in between.

Large Cardboard Box For Domino Park Lego Building Set

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Custom Boxes Now – Overview Video


Check out this two-minute video that shows how we help our customers by designing and manufacturing custom shipping boxes for their products. It is a quick view into our abilities and equipment that we hope you find helpful.

Let us help you with your next shipping or marketing box project. Contact Custom Boxes Now or use our Custom Shipping Box Configurator to order online.

More Custom Box Examples by Box Style & Print

By Matt Ruggle

The more custom shipping boxes we create, the brighter and friendlier the world of business becomes. Our high-quality corrugated packing boxes, combined with your company’s logo printed in high-quality color and definition, create a memorable experience for end-customers. Here are a few more examples of dynamic print jobs from Custom Boxes Now! for some of our favorite customers:

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Recent Work by Box Style and Print


Check out a few of our recent custom shipping box projects. Custom sized boxes are a great way to impress your customers and protect your products. Custom print jobs will really help secure that impression and give your brand additional exposure.

Corrugated box one color print. One-color print on the outside, then flood-coated inside to draw attention.
One-Color Printed RSC Box
This white corrugated shipping box is a regular slotted container (RSC). We used one-color print for the graphics on the outside of the mottled white box, and then flood-coated the inside to grab the attention of the customer.
Lithograph printed, corrugated custom box – extremely high quality
Two-Color Printed C-Series Box
Using two-color direct print, we manufactured this promotional shipping box as an auto-locking C-Series style for structural performance and as an effective visual piece.
Corrugated Packaging Box. Auto-locking, attractive, effective.
Four-Color Litho Printed Box
This customer required high-end printing for the best possible graphics. To achieve this look, we used our large format litho press for the printing, then laminated the printed sheet to the corrugated shipping box. The result is magazine-quality, eye-catching graphics.

To discuss custom boxes for your products or marketing efforts, use our Custom Shipping Box Configurator or contact Custom Boxes Now!

No need to wait for a quote–build your corrugated shipping boxes and see pricing instantly.