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From RSC’s to Trays & Covers to Corrugated Pads, learn more about box styles and understand which styles are best for your products.

Custom Die Cut Packaging From Around the World

“Out of this world” custom die cut packaging is literally changing the way people are packaging their products. Do you ever feel like drab, brown packaging is bringing down the excitement of the items you’re shipping? Maybe you’re concerned that packages can’t be both festive and functional? We’ve gathered an inspirational list of ideas for some of the most creative custom die cut boxes, to inspire you to take your packaging experience to the next level.

What’s it All About?
Die cutting is a way to bring your packages to life by creating shapes, prints, words, and more out of paper, cardboard, and other materials. Often, die cut packaging allows you to create a three-dimensional experience, makes way for a pop of color, and emphasizes the spirit of both the brand and the individual product.

Die Cut Boxes

This Little Light Of Mine
Are you a candle or lighting company? One way to really “brighten” up your packaging experience is to get a box that fits around the base of the candle or bulb so it can be cut and folded to look like a hanging lantern or make shapes on a wall. Make sure to include instructions in your shipping materials, and we recommend printing the lines to cut and fold along on the inside of the box, so customers can hide where stamps and labels used to be. Your clients may just like the idea so much, they’ll become life-long customers!
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Custom Shipping Boxes for Maverick HIll

Exploring Your Options in the Custom Mailer Marketplace

The ideal packaging for your product will protect it against damage in transit to your customers while allowing you to deliver your marketing message at every step along the way. Designing and creating custom mailers for your products will ensure that your items make it safely from factory floor to your customer’s door. Understanding your options in the custom mailer marketplace can help you decide on the right packaging solutions for your company’s products. How do you know if you should opt for an envelope versus a box? We break it down for you here.

Available in a wide array of configurations, envelopes are typically used for small, lightweight objects. Padded envelopes can offer a little more protection against crushing and impacts, but these packaging solutions are best reserved for durable items that can stand up to the rough handling commonly encountered in the shipping industry. Books, games and other flat items are generally suitable for shipping in a padded envelope; breakable or irregularly shaped products typically are not. Adding graphic designs to your custom mailers can provide even more visibility for your company and your brand name.

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Edge Crush Tests: Durability Ratings for Your Packaging and Display Needs

Advances in cardboard manufacturing technology now allow the creation of even more durable and versatile packaging options for your company. Corrugated cardboard is a cost-effective choice for all types of product packaging and provides added strength to allow your box to stand up to the shipping process, from manufacturer to retail outlet to home. The edge crush test is used industry-wide to determine the strength and durability of corrugated cardboard and offers a good comparison point for your company in choosing the right materials for your corporate packaging needs.

Box Strength Test - Strong Shipping Boxes
What Is the Edge Crush Test?
Simply put, the edge crush test measures the ability of corrugated cardboard to resist pressure under controlled conditions. The cardboard is generally formed into a box shape and then compressed slowly to determine when structural integrity begins to suffer. The boxes used for the test are empty and must be configured to meet exact specifications to ensure accuracy and comparability among different products. Test boxes must have the same ratio of height to circumference and must meet minimal standards for structural construction to be measured accurately using these tests.
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Affordable and Practical: A Customized Die Cut Box from the Experts at Custom Boxes Now

Finding the right shipping solutions can be challenging, especially for small businesses with a limited packaging budget. Die cut boxes can provide a cost-effective way to protect and ship items of almost any size to customers both locally and across the country or globally. Custom Boxes Now will work with you to design and fabricate boxes that fit your products and your needs perfectly, allowing you to optimize shipping costs while ensuring that your items reach their intended destinations in optimal condition for end users. Printed boxes can be surprisingly affordable and can bolster your branding efforts to increase your corporate visibility locally and at every step of the delivery process.

Die Cut Box

What Is a Die Cut Box?
One of the most cost-effective packaging solutions, die cut boxes are manufactured through a cutting process that allows small or large-scale runs to be managed quickly and easily. Just as a cookie cutter slices through dough to create the precise shape needed, the die used to produce these boxes is pressed against cardboard to create the exact box shape needed for your products. After initial setup, the fabrication process can be completed quickly and at an astonishingly affordable cost, making these shipping solutions an excellent choice for companies operating with limited funds or with relatively low profit margins.
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The Science to Picking the Right Box for the Right Item

Whether you package and/or ship your products in plain brown corrugated carton boxes, colorful shoe boxes, slotted containers, die cut custom boxes, full overlap boxes or any other variety of cardboard container, you should always be certain that you are using the right box for the job. This isn’t just a guessing game, either. There is actual science to choosing and designing the right box for a consumer product, whether it’s being shipped straight to customers’ homes or to retail shelves. Here we’ll explain how picking just the right (corrugated carton) boxes for the right items really is an exact science, using scientific technology companies as an example.

Custom Size Box
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The Ultimate Guide to Corrugated Box Designs

The possibilities of corrugated box design are practically endless in this day and age, but many retailers, vendors and business owners still don’t know what all of their options are. While in the past we have described a limited number of corrugated box possibilities, here we’ll provide a more comprehensive guide to the nuances of corrugated box design, including approximately 15 different variations. These variations make it possible for retailers, vendors and business owners to package their products in the exact right box for the shape and purpose of the item, and the nature of the transaction. So read on and see what you might be able to do with just the right box.

The Long List of Corrugated Box Types
Below you’ll find the most common varieties of corrugated custom boxes. While this is a long list, it’s still important remember that this is by no means a comprehensive list. There are always more possibilities when you get creative and customize your design, but it’s a more complete guide than you’re likely to find elsewhere online!

    • Regular Slotted Container – this standard box design has a slotted top and bottom
      RSC Shipping Box

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The Unique and Versatile Packaging Medium of Die Cut Kraft Boxes

Die cut kraft boxes are essential to modern packaging for major vendors and retailers, and even for small business owners who operate out of home offices. These boxes are used to package and ship products from coast to coast and across the globe. But what is a die cut box? In basic terms, it is any box that was created using a die that stamps out boxes from a section of printed or plain sheet stock. And what makes one box a “kraft” box as opposed to others? Essentially, kraft paperboard is a type of cardboard made from chemical pulp during the kraft process, which is then used to create these unique and versatile retail packages. There is much more to this medium than meets the eye, though, as the following post will explain.

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How the C-Series Boxes Dominated the Online Subscription-Box Market

When it comes to custom printed product boxes, a little thing called the “C-Series” is dominating the online box club market. The C-Series box, one of the most popular styles available, is also one of the most versatile. Using durable corrugated board and various color printing techniques depending on the specifications of the customer, it’s possible to manufacture incredibly creative and structurally sound promotional shipping boxes in the auto-locking C-Series style.

Printed Auto-locking box - C-Series Box

It’s particularly popular for clothing and food retailers that ship their products directly to customers, whether selling individual items or sending samples as part of a monthly subscription club. Here are some shining examples of C-Series design and color printing options that show just how this box is dominating the online subscription-box market.

Kona Kase
This burgeoning Washington, DC company is making a name for itself in the endurance athlete community with a subscription service that sends new supplements, foods, and meal replacement products to members each month. The die-cut C-series packing box for Kona Kase utilizes white text against a pair of striking colors to achieve a multi-hued look that appears to be even more complex than it actually is.

Sage Spoonfuls
Sage Spoonfuls is a subscription box club that offers “all the tools you need to make healthy, delicious and affordable food for your baby.” The custom die-cut C-Series shipping boxes they have been using were designed with a litho-laminated, four-color process that achieves a bright, attention-grabbing effect that is both visually appealing and revealing about the product.

Stitch Fix
This subscription box club provides a fashionable and affordable way for busy, professional women to get new clothing on a monthly basis. Members take a style quiz on the company’s website, receive clothing and jewelry based on their preferences in the mail each month, and simply send back the items they don’t want to purchase. With simply yet artfully designed C-Series boxes adorned with the company logo and other pertinent info, there’s no forgetting the Stitch Fix brand, even when the clothes have come and gone.

Trunk Club
The Trunk Club is similar to Stitch Fix, but designed for men. Members begin by taking a style survey and connecting with a Trunk Club stylist, who seeks out the best clothing based on the style, preferences, and size of each customer. Customers have the opportunity to see the contents of each “trunk” before it ships, and (assuming they approve) the items are sent directly to their address. Like other clothing-of-the-month clubs, members only pay for what they want to keep, and have 10 days to return the rest – with free shipping – before requesting another “trunk.” The “trunks” are really just custom-printed C-Series boxes adorned with a stylish design that gives a nod to the shipping trunks of bygone eras.

With so many examples of C-Series custom printed product boxes, it’s easy to see why this shipping package is dominating the online subscription-box market. It’s a wonder why anyone would do it any other way. Start here or contact us to learn more.

Using the Right Size Custom Box for Your Products

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all custom printed box, and yet for some reason many companies are still ordering their shipping packages as if this were the case. The fact of the matter is that using the wrong size or type of box to ship your products can lead to cost inefficiencies and a reduced return on investment. So, are you using the “right size” printed box for your shipped products? After reading the following post and considering the facts, you may very well decide that your packaging scheme could use some serious readjusting.

It’s all about the Right Size
Shipping costs are going up as a result of policy changes at FedEx, UPS, and USPS and simple inflation. For this reason, companies that ship their products to customers should be carefully considering whether they’re using boxes that are appropriate for the size and weight of their goods. If you’re just shipping tee-shirts, for example, you may be better off opting for plastic or paper mailers. If you’re shipping delicate or heavy items, on the other hand, a sturdy corrugated box will be best.
Custom Printed Box

Board Weight Matters Too
If you use boards in your packaging, you may be inadvertently increasing your shipping costs with an unnecessarily thick board. So, can you reduce your board thickness from a C-flute to a B-flute? If you can switch to a thinner board, you will reduce your shipping weight and reduce the amount of space needed to store your boxes.

Don’t Be Fooled by “Free” Boxes
Some companies have attempted to save money with used packaging that at first seems beneficial because it is eco-friendly and, more importantly, free. If it isn’t the right size, though, it’s not going to save you money or do anyone any good. Using a box that’s just a little too big will require more packing material, for example, which will increase the weight (and cost) and defeat the purpose of cutting back on waste.

No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All
While the flat-rate boxes at the United States Postal Service may seem like a good deal, they are actually often not so cost-efficient when you consider the facts. If all of your products weigh a lot, it might be a good way for you to go. But the breakdown of cost inevitably increases as the weight of the product being shipped decreases, so it’s not usually worth it.

Every situation is different. What may be the perfect custom printed box solution for one company or product could also be a horribly inappropriate box for another company or product. It’s most important to carefully consider the size and weight of your products, and remember that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all or “free” shipping box that will properly suit your needs at a low cost. Once you get an idea of the perfect size and type of box for your products’ unique weight and dimensions, you’ll be better prepared to take your shipping scheme to the next level. Are you ready to choose the “right size” shipping boxes for your products?

Custom Wine Boxes Making a Big Splash with Consumers

More and more we’re seeing small and large vintners alike offering custom boxes designed for the unique shape of their products. Whether shipping straight to customers’ doors, enhancing the in-store shopping process, or beautifying the presentation of wine bottle in a tasting room, custom wine boxes serve many purposes. This is part of a larger movement towards more creative and oftentimes sustainable packaging, which is found in many retail industries today. Keep reading to learn more about how custom wine boxes are making a big splash with vintners and their customers.

Wine Shipping Box

Potential Purposes of Custom Wine Boxes
Vintners may supply their tasting room with boxes that hold up to 12 bottles so customers can walk away knowing their purchase is safe and organized. Supermarkets and bottle shops also often provide this type of box, as well as various other packaging materials, for customers making large wine purchases in their stores. Many wine makers also offer customers unique gift boxes so they can present a bottle of wine to a friend, loved one, or business associate in style. Custom wine boxes are designed in different shapes to accommodate the variations in bottle size and design, as wine bottles may be sold in bocksbeutel, Bordeaux, and burgundy bottles, which differ in height and diameter. The un-wrapping experience can truly create a more ceremonious atmosphere whether opening a gift, receiving a package in the mail, or digging into a delicious bottle of wine you bought yourself as a treat.

The Possibilities of a Custom Wine Box
Wine boxes are available in all sorts of custom shapes and sizes, so whatever shape your wine bottles are you can create the perfect vessel to ship and present them in. Custom box manufacturers offer various possibilities for color and tone as well, with the Pantone Matching System printing process. Custom wine boxes are also typically available in premium stock, card stock, cover card stock, and corrugated stock, so you can find the right combination of size, color, and thickness depending on your needs, goals, and budget. Vintners may also incorporate custom graphic design and gloss or matte lamination into their wine boxes.

How to Order Wine Boxes to Suit Your Needs
Whether you are a wine maker or you sell wine in a grocery store, tasting room, bottle shop, or online, you can enhance the customer experience by offering beautiful, durable, and creatively designed boxes to your customers. Just make sure you know what kind of boxes you need, what your goals are, and how many boxes you require. First, make sure to consider the shape and size you require for the bottle you sell. Then think about the colors and designs that will make your product stand out and create a positive brand experience for customers. You’ll want to be sure to consider what kind of cardboard will best suit your needs, goals, and budget, and how many boxes you’ll need to serve your purpose. You may want to also determine what other packing materials you’ll need. Then you can place your order for custom boxes knowing your customers are going to be happy.