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5 Common Custom Box Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

5 Common Custom Box Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

In today’s competitive landscape, creating custom product shipping boxes is a must. If you’re still using standard, bulk-ordered plain boxes, consider investing in branded boxes. A well-designed custom box can offer brand exposure, product protection and efficient resource use. Custom shipping boxes present a unique opportunity for building brand awareness in the age of e-commerce.

With that said, certain design mistakes are common for custom boxes. These errors can lead to poor brand reputation, damaged products, consumer frustration and other issues. It’s helpful to understand the difference between good and bad packaging, learning strategies to fix frequent mistakes. Once you’ve addressed box design mistakes, your custom boxes will be even more effective.

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The Biggest Corrugated Box and Packaging Design Trends of 2021

The Biggest Corrugated Box and Packaging Design Trends of 2021

Product packaging design has always been a great way to convey the message of your brand. In the past year, this practice has become more important than ever before. Here, we’ll share some examples of the biggest packaging design trends in 2021 and help you consider which trends your brand should adopt.

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Teaching Kids About Recycling

America has one of the highest rates of recycling anywhere in the world. However, with the amount of trash in our dump sites, it is clear there is more work to do. It is estimated that 85% of our total waste can be recycled if more people practice recycling and learn more of the benefits. Recycling is a matter of choice and the more a person learns, the more likely they will make a conscious decision to recycle.

Kids putting garbage into plastic containers of different types

What Is Recycling?

The definition of recycling means the collecting, separating, and processing of items that would have been thrown away, and reusing them or re-manufacturing them into new items. An easy way to describe recycling is to think of reducing, reusing, and recycling. The goal is to cut the volume of waste that goes into landfills. Reusing is prolonging the usage of items not needed or used by donating. Finally, recycling materials and having them remade completes the process.

Why Do We Recycle?

There are many reasons why recycling is important. Recycling saves energy and helps environmental conditions. Recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the amount of industrial production. For example, recycling helps save natural resources, such as a tree, when a newspaper is saved and recycled.

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How to Create Environmentally and Socially Conscious Packaging to Connect with More Markets

Did you know that 73% of millennial consumers say they’re willing to pay more if it means buying from a brand that’s socially conscious?

If you’ve thought about shifting your brand message to have a more “green” focus, or if you just want to quietly commit to finding more sustainable packaging solutions, the research shows you’re making a smart move.

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Boxes

Not convinced yet? Let’s talk about some of our favorite ideas for creating customized boxes that hop on the trend of social and environmental justice, so you can connect with more markets than ever.

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Encourage Box Reuse with These Reusable Box Ideas

You’ve heard the old adage one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Why not take the reusability of cardboard boxes into consideration when designing your company’s shipping and packaging boxes? Here, we’re listing some of our favorite ideas for reusable boxes, so that you can reduce your company’s impact on the environment while increasing your relationship with your customers. Go beyond the standard shipping cycle, and make sure your brand stays within your customer’s sight long after delivery.

Love It and List It
One of the easiest reusable box ideas to promote recycling? List ways your customers can reuse your boxes on the interior lid or the outside of your packaging. You can also list facts about the environmental impact of recycling, and let customers know that your boxes are made from recyclable material. Customers respect companies they see trying to reduce their impact on the environment, so look for box printing services that will help you clearly print your recycling ideas on your box.

Please Sign Here
No, we aren’t talking about an interaction with a delivery person! Why not include letter stencils inside your packaging (or print them on the box itself so customers can cut them out) to encourage your clients to make festive hanging signs out of cardboard? Whether a big game day, a holiday, or an awesome surprise party is around the corner, customers can print whatever they want and string the letters together to make a killer sign. They’re extra fun to decorate with paint and stickers, and your customers can show off their examples of reusable boxes on social media – just be sure to create a fun hashtag for the signs!

Reusing Shipping Boxes - Minted

Our customer, Minted, took box re-use to the next level! Printing the work of their artists on the interior of their shipping boxes made for fun and games (and pictures and contests).

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The Best Environmentally-Friendly Packaging and How to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

It doesn’t matter what the size of your company or the nature of your brand is, you know that showing environmental awareness isn’t just good for the earth, it’s also great PR. Take a look at what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment and communicate your stance to your customers. It’s time to really look at how you can go green with environmentally friendly packaging.

Recyclable Boxes

Reality Check
First, a hard truth: it’s important to understand that much of the packaging out there that claims to be “made from recycled materials” or “totally recyclable” isn’t always what you think. Sometimes this packaging isn’t exclusively repurposed waste, or it may not even be able to be completely reused. Since different types of plastics must be separated, your best bet to get as close to “100% recyclable” as possible is to opt for cardboard packaging and boxes. As our custom boxes are made from cardboard, we’re proud to say that Custom Boxes Now’s boxes are indeed 100% recyclable.
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Ship, Ship, Hooray! The Best In Creative Shipping Box Ideas

When a customer places an order with your company, think of it as just the beginning. It’s an opportunity. There’s no doubt that how you deliver your product requires the same, if not more, detail and care that goes into the creation and production of it. Especially in today’s day and age, with the influence of social media, where shoppers proudly display the packaging of what they’ve purchased on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more, creative shipping box ideas are on display now more than ever. We’ve collected some of our best tips on how to make your shipping boxes stand out, in person and in photographs.

Custom Shipping Box

TIP #1: Make It Useful — And Easy To Carry!
Tons of flower companies have realized that while shipping flowers and small plants can be a challenge, it’s equally as precarious for customers to find the right vase or transportation carrying case once they arrive at their destination. We love the innovation of shipping boxes that actually double as “flower pots,” complete with folding instructions, and in some cases, even handles that make moving them a snap. We’ve even seen some boxes that can be assembled to hang from a ceiling—giving a whole new meaning to the term “air plants.”
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Overcoming Packaging Challenges – Food Subscription Boxes

No matter the industry or the product, from tee shirts to fly fishing gear to flowers, monthly, weekly, or seasonal subscription boxes are all the rage. But if you’re sending out snacks, jams, cheeses, or pretty much anything else food-related, you know you face more challenging design and shipping issues. Keeping on brand (and cute!) while dealing with the practicalities of shipping perishable items isn’t always easy. Not to worry — we’ve got you covered on how to make your customized packaging as delectable as the treats inside.

Customized Shipping Box
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Not Your Grandmother’s Boxed Wine

Boxed wine has long been thought of as a product only for those who aren’t especially concerned with achieving master sommelier status. But, for those more interested in wines better known for their price points than their top notes, boxed wine can be the perfect solution. And today, as boxed wine becomes more and more trendy to those embracing the “shabby chic” look and an environmentally conscious attitude, boxed wine is poised to make a serious mark on the industry. Whether you’re a wine company or just a fan of creative packaging ideas, there are many reasons to consider making the swap from bottle to box.

Boxed Wine - Custom Boxes

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Rock N’ Roll — Cardboard Style! DIY Guitar

If you’re facing yet another snow day and running out of ideas, we’ve got you covered with this how-to for a fun DIY Children’s Faux Guitar. Use your old corrugated cardboard boxes from the holiday season to create a superstar instrument for a fraction of the cost — at least until your kids start asking for real guitar lessons.

Strumming On A Guitar
We’ve always advocated for recycling boxes, but we especially love this DIY. To start, cut a circular hole in the top of a rectangular or small square cardboard box (it’s OK to switch up the shape). If you need help, the bottom of a coffee mug is a pretty good size. Then, about an inch or two away from the circle you’ve just cut out, in line with the center of the hole, punch four tiny holes for the “strings” on each side (a small screwdriver will create the right size). Try to make them as even as possible — you can use a ruler if you need extra help.

Turn a Cardboard Box into a Guitar
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