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Overcoming Packaging Challenges – Food Subscription Boxes

No matter the industry or the product, from tee shirts to fly fishing gear to flowers, monthly, weekly, or seasonal subscription boxes are all the rage. But if you’re sending out snacks, jams, cheeses, or pretty much anything else food-related, you know you face more challenging design and shipping issues. Keeping on brand (and cute!) while dealing with the practicalities of shipping perishable items isn’t always easy. Not to worry — we’ve got you covered on how to make your customized packaging as delectable as the treats inside.

Customized Shipping Box
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Client Of The Month: The Cleveland Cavaliers

At Custom Boxes Now, we are dedicated to creating quality packaging that fits with your brand, personality or, in the case of our Client of the Month, your team spirit! We are especially honored to announce our collaboration with the official team store for the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers at

Printed Shipping Boxes for the Cleveland Cavs
One of the things we really appreciate about the Cavaliers Team Shop is their commitment to offer a wide variety of merchandise and sizes of the latest and greatest Cavs gear. They offer Big & Tall sizing options for men, ladies fitted t-shirts and jerseys and, for your littlest Cavs fan, infant, newborn and toddler options. And did we mention they even have a water bowl for your furry friends?
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Custom Boxes Now Client of the Month: Microchip ID Systems

Whether you’re a pet owner, interested in animal welfare or just curious about the latest pet-related technology, chances are you’ve heard of the Permanent Microchip, an implant used to track and protect animals. This month, Great Northern and Custom Boxes Now are especially thrilled to feature our “Client of the Month” for January: Microchip ID Systems.

Custom Boxes for Microchip ID

The company, which manufactures ISO-Certified microchips that are humanely and safely implanted in animals, helps to track down lost pets, monitor the activities of endangered species both in the wild and in research and can even benefit the work of zoologists who are looking to understand the behavioral habits of beloved animals so they can increase their quality of life. They even make a special “EquineChip” for equestrians who need to make sure their horses are in tip-top shape for upcoming races and games. And regardless of the size of the animal (we’re not kidding…they even make products for frogs!), Microchip ID Systems can help keep your four-legged family member safe, by making something that can be inserted into your pet, pain-free. With over 5,000 pet searches to their database every day, they’ve reunited countless animals with their owners.
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Holiday Packaging 101: Make Sure Your Gifts Make It Under The Tree!

In the season of giving, how you ship products is just as important as what’s underneath the ribbons and bows! No one wants to spend hours agonizing over the perfect gift for someone, only to have it arrive in pieces due to faulty shipping and packaging. At Custom Boxes Now, we’ve got you — and your gifts — covered. Read on to learn about how our custom product boxes weather even the most difficult of snowstorms and sleigh rides!

Custom Product Boxes

Finding the One
Picking out the right box to ship your items in can make a world of difference, which is why we’ve made sure to offer an array of custom product boxes for you to choose from. We offer everything from the basic Regular Slotted Container, which can hold heavy loads and require packing tape to seal; to One Panel Folders, used to ship books and photographs. No matter what you’re wrapping up, we can provide you with the box needed to make sure it arrives safely. We’ve also written a blog post designed to help you figure out which type of box suits your needs. Continue reading

Unboxing The Unboxing Trend

Click on a YouTube channel created by a beauty or fashion social media celebrity, and chances are you’ll soon come across an “Unboxing” video. In essence, these videos show the user opening up a brand new box of goodies that has just arrived in the mail — so if something has smashed or broken in transit, the user is going to broadcast her unhappiness to her subscribers. If you knew your company’s box was going to opened and the products inside would be seen by millions of viewers and countless potential clients, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you’ve put your best foot forward? Read on to learn more about how to create custom packaging boxes that make sure your goods are delivered safely — and in style.

Custom Packaging Box

First Impressions
When a client orders something from you, it’s important to keep in mind the anticipation and excitement that goes into opening the package. Even if it’s a monthly subscription box, and even if they know what’s inside, there’s still nothing like the satisfaction of opening something they’ve been looking forward to receiving. The right custom packaging boxes can make the experience even better. Continue reading

You Had Me At First Glance: Keys to Creating the Right First Impression with Your Shipping Boxes

First impressions are of critical importance in the marketing industry. Presenting your products in the right shipping containers and boxes can make a real impact on your online customers. At Custom Boxes Now, we offer a wide array of printing choices to help your graphics stand out and to support your branding efforts with every box you ship. We offer two primary types of printing services:

  • Lithography offers the highest quality of image reproduction and the greatest color fidelity for your custom printed boxes. The process generally involves printing directly on top quality paper and then affixing that directly to the corrugated cardboard box to deliver the most attractive results for your shipping cartons and packaging materials.

Litho Printed Box

  • Flexographic printing is the least expensive method for applying graphics and print to the outside of your corrugated boxes. You can choose the number of colors you need to make your marketing statement. In most cases, the images and designs you choose are printed directly onto the box for even greater savings.

Flexo Printed Box

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Thankful for Online Shopping & Custom Boxes

The holiday season is almost upon us. Planning the shipping boxes your business will use to fill orders on Black Friday and beyond can make a positive impact on new and returning customers. The right graphic designs and material choices for your custom boxes can boost your company’s visibility at every step of the shipping process. Here are some of the most important elements to consider when designing your boxes for holiday deliveries.

Custom Boxes

Choosing the Right Materials
Especially for companies that deliver food items for the holidays, choosing solid corrugated cardboard can provide real advantages:
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Five Advantages of Custom Corrugated Boxes: Why These Shipping Solutions Are Here to Stay

Custom corrugated boxes for shipping have been a staple of the packaging industry for decades. These sturdy boxes can stand up to repeated bumps and impacts to protect their contents against damage, making them a cost-effective and lightweight way to ship items across town or across the country. While technological advances have changed many parts of the distribution and supply chain, these custom cardboard boxes continue to serve as the industry standard for shipping. Here are five reasons that custom boxes are here to stay.

Custom Corrugated Box

#1. Right-Sized Packaging Makes Financial Sense
Boxes too large for the items they hold require added packing material to prevent unwanted shifts and damage to contents. Over time, this added weight and paper consumption can generate significant costs for companies and can increase the environmental impact of their operations. By choosing custom shipping boxes, companies can more easily manage packaging for a wide range of items while keeping costs to a reasonable level.
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CBN’s Newest Client of the Month: Subscription Box Service Fandom of the Month

Subscription box services have come into their own in the past few years. Packed with toys, jewelry and apparel and based on a specific theme, these collections require the perfect container to allow them to shine in the competitive marketplace. While the contents are the real star, the boxes in which these items are shipped can be of critical importance in setting the stage for the customer and for raising awareness of these subscription services among the general public. Custom Boxes Now (CBN) recently had the opportunity to work with an up-and-coming entry in the subscription box marketplace. Fandom of the Month is a new business that provides curated collections of jewelry and accessories for movie and television fans. The entire CBN staff is proud to name Fandom of the Month our client of the month.

Custom Box - Fandom of the Month

Unique Items Require Innovative Packaging
Erin from Fandom of the Month approached us after demand for her curated subscription box expanded far more quickly than she had anticipated. As a small, family-owned business, Fandom of the Month needed affordable and attractive boxes to help build their brand and to showcase the items included in each collection, which typically includes key chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins designed to suit the fandom community. CBN was happy to take on the challenge and started work right away to design a box ideal for these unique movie, book and television-themed items.
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MaverickHill and Custom Boxes Now: Creating Change for College-Aged Women

At Custom Boxes Now, we specialize in lightning-fast turnaround times and customized packaging solutions for business. We recently had the chance to work with MaverickHill, one of the most forward-thinking retailers in the consumer market. MaverickHill’s brand concept revolves around female empowerment in the college setting and highlights positive affirmations for young women. Their innovative product lines required an equally cutting-edge packaging approach. MaverickHill’s curated and themed subscription boxes offer a budget-friendly way to accumulate a power wardrobe complete with accessories for college-aged women. This combination of social responsibility and creative marketing inspired us to name MaverickHill our client of the month.

Custom Printed Box for UniversiTee
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