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Protecting Your Items While Shipping

In today’s modern world, one can send a message almost instantly over the Internet. Making purchases on-line has also become increasingly popular, according to FedEx, holiday shipping is expected to surpass 12 percent growth over last year—260 million packages—mostly from on-line purchasing. This does not include the U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service or independent shippers. But one can not receive that package instantly through the computer yet, meaning that packaging will become very important as on-line businesses and individual sellers will need to find inexpensive packing and shipping materials to meet the need, but still do the job.

Pink custom box

Packing Peanuts

The old standby packing filler is packaging peanuts, the bane of adults, the delight of children who love the static electricity sticking to their clothes and seeing them thrown all over the floor. They are lightweight, but are strong enough that they do not break down while shipping. Environmentalists dislike them because they are made of Styrofoam and take forever to break down in landfills, if you use them or receive them, try recycling them to avert landfill use, such as children’s crafts or there are many stores that will take them to be reused. For those who want something better for the envirnoment there is a cornstarch-based packing peanut was developed that are biodegradable. They are just as effective at protecting as their plastic counterparts, but they are higher weight, create dust, and cost more.


Newspaper is an excellent alternative and is easily disposed of by burning in landfills. It is also very versatile, it can be used to wrap or stuff, or make it a filler by crinkling or shedding it. Just make sure that your product being packaged is pre-packaged to avoid getting newspaper ink on your gift, or find a blank newspaper material.

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How Much Can the Box Hold?: Exploring Volume

Volume is defined as how much three-dimensional space a solid, gas, or liquid occupies. The volume of most solids can be determined using various mathematical formulas involving the dimensions of the shapes. Cubic units are used to measure the volume of solids. Arithmetic formulas are commonly used to find the volume of simple shapes such as circular, regular, or straight-edged shapes. Integral calculus is used for more complicated shapes.

Close-up on hands opening a delivered package.

  • Surface Area & Volume – Grade 9 lesson plan for students to find the surface area and volume of objects.
  • Basic Solids – Information on space figures and how to find the volume for various shapes and figures.

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Shipping Out: An Ultimate Relocation and Moving Guide for Families

There is always so much to do when planning a move that it can become extremely stressful in a very short period of time. The trick is to plan well in advance to account for any unexpected issues and finish the bulk of the work before moving day. When there is so much to be done, the worst thing is to end up packing last minute the night before the big day.

A portrait of young family with a toddler girl moving in new home.

It is usually advised to start planning and packing around three to four months in advance. With this approach, the move can become exciting and stress-free.

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Recycling Resource: What Can You Make From a Cardboard Box?

Recycling is a great way to protect the planet and conserve resources. The Three R’s of protecting the environment are “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Reducing means to limit or only to use what is needed. A great way to reduce water waste is to turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, or to take a shower instead of a bath. Reuse means to not throw away after just one use. Great things that can be reused are water bottles and plastic cups, just wash right after use and fill up again. Recycle means to take an old object and make it new again. Cans, glass bottles, newspaper and metals are just some of the materials that can be recycled. Leftover food, egg shells, leaves; even dog poop can be used for recycling in a compost heap. There are so many examples of how to use the three R’s, but here’s a great example.

A group of open cardboard containers discarded

Imagine a family with a bunch of kids in the middle of a big move to a new home. There would be toys, clothes and boxes everywhere. Once they move the toys and clothes have a place to go, but what to do with all of those boxes? Some families choose to throw them away, but every kid knows there are a ton of other options!

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Stop! Recycle Those Boxes

Do you only have one garbage can in your house? If you do, it’s possible that you don’t know much about recycling. When you recycle, you can help the planet. There are a limited number of resources and when you recycle, it makes them last longer. It also cuts back the amount of garbage there is. Chances are if you have ever driven by a dump, you certainly noticed.

Box with recycle symbol

The more garbage there is, the more dumps there will be in the future. If you click around, you can learn exactly what recycling is, how to recycle, and play fun games in the process. There are definitely fun ways to recyle. Check it out!

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College Corner: Transitioning to Dorm Life

Beginning college is an exciting time, but transitioning from high school to college can seem overwhelming. College freshman have new and exciting experiences ahead of them and should look forward to beginning this new chapter in their lives with out worrying too much about the transition itself. To start off on the right foot, here are a few tips for college freshman to help them transition and succeed in college.

Flatmates are moving into a students dorm

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Shipping Resources: History of the US Postal Service

Between the start of the Revolutionary period and World War 1, US postal officials committed themselves to improving the transportation of mail. From early days up to the present time, the Postal Service has helped in developing and subsidizing each new mode of transportation in the United States. Apart from the postal employees themselves, transportation was the most important development in mail delivery. Even when members of the general public were fearful or somewhat skeptical of the new types of transportation, postal officials still managed to experiment with different inventions that offered the potential for moving the mail faster.

US postal mailboxes

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Boxes On Wheels: A Guide To Box Car Racing

Looking for a fun and educational hobby that you can do with your child? Box car racing, commonly referred to as soap box car racing, is the building and driving of home-made cars. These small cars do not contain a motor and simply rely on the power of gravity, reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Soap box cars are capable of holding a driver, typically a child, and are built for the purpose of recreation or racing. The building of the box car itself can be very educational for a child, allowing him or her to enhance their building skills. Logical plans need to be created prior to the building, as box cars require tad bits of basic engineering, art work, and sometimes even electrical work in more advanced cars. Learn about the history of box car racing and how to build your own.

Box car racing

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Shipping Out and Moving Around: A Resource Guide For Military Families

Military families are burden with financial and emotional worries that is uncommon for civilians.  The constant moving and the scams geared towards military families places them in a unique place. Even though there are hardships military families are fortunate to be one of a kind and to have a bond with those they may never meet. With these hardships there are programs and initiatives set in place to lessen them.

Playful military man having fun with his small son at home.

Moving Around

Military dependents are often faced with PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves every three to six years. This means clearing the old house and financial preparing for a new one. For those that own homes this can be financial over whelming. Preparing is key to successful move. Parents should always discuss with children the reason their moving. They should listen and comfort all fears to help their transition as well. Service members can make PCS moves successful by going to transportation early, contacting the Military Family Center and visiting the finance office all located at your current duty station.

  • For the Youth: A great resource for military children of all ages that focuses on specific issues of military children.
  • Moving Tips: Military wives give advice on how to keeping a military move sane and not so overwhelming.
  • Moving and Relocation: Plan a successful move with this government supported tool.
  • Preparing Children: Parents can learn how to make relocating easier for children.
  • For the Army Family: Fort Bragg gives excellent advice for military families on the move.

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Beyond Ballot Boxes – The Ultimate Voting Resource Guide

Voting is one of the most popular ways of electing people into power. People who vote express their opinions on the candidates they think can excellently manage the positions they are vying for. Countries where voting is practiced usually have a democratic government. These countries have rules that must be adhered to before the right to vote (suffrage) is exercised.

Ballot box casting vote election

History of Suffrage

Suffrage simply means the civil right to vote. In the early stages of America’s democracy, the right to vote was enjoyed by men who held recognized positions or those who were privileged by their race, economic status, social importance and more. Women were also denied the opportunity to vote or contest for political offices. However, this is no longer the norm as it is now obvious that women and African Americans can now contest and share equal rights with others.

Some of the types of suffrage are universal suffrage and women’s suffrage. Universal suffrage is the franchise given to every adult who is a citizen of the country. However, the adult must be a responsible citizen and mentally sound. Universal suffrage first began in the Corsican Republic in 1755. In Europe, it was first recognized by Finland in 1906. Women’s suffrage grants women the right to vote or contest for offices with men at the same time. This began when Lydia Taft became the first woman to cast her vote in America during the British rule.

  • Women’s Suffrage: This page contains dates when women were given the right to vote in different countries.
  • The Right to Vote: Basically, the right to vote should be included in the US constitution.
  • Voting Rights: This site has a list of links to various individual attempts by historic Americans to implement the right of every citizen to vote.
  • Your Voting Power: This is a study guide on the right to vote.
  • Origins of Universal Suffrage: Movement for universal suffrage began in 1776 in Pennsylvania.
  • Woman Suffrage: This link contains the history of women’s suffrage in the world.

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