Cardboard Craft Ideas Found On Pinterest


In the same do-it-yourself spirit as Caine Monroy, anyone can make just about anything out of cardboard if they really set their mind to it. Plenty of people already have, and to see their works, look no further than Pinterest, a massive social media outlet that serves as, essentially, a giant public bulletin board.

Search “Cardboard” on Pinterest

You’ll spot some of the world’s most ingenious designs, all made from cardboard, most of them perfect for crafters of all ages. You’ll see holiday design ideas, articles of clothing, accessories, fortresses, rockets, lettering, and more. Just go to and search for “Cardboard” in the search field. You won’t even need to sign up a new account. Pinterest is very public and very friendly that way.

Also: if you run a business and use custom printing to place your logo on the box, just imagine how memorable that logo would be on the side of a rocket ship.

Feeling inspired? Need some cardboard to make your own cardboard marvels? Custom Boxes Now! can help.


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