How to Boost Your Brand Identity

When it comes to product packaging, boxes are just the beginning. From the price tags on your products to the tissue paper and boxes your products are packaged and shipped to customers in to the retail displays used to promote your products in stores, there are numerous opportunities to turn each and every sale into a marketing opportunity for your company and its brand identity. The first step, of course, is designing a great logo. If you don’t have an experienced and creative designer on your staff, this will require an outside consultant who can help create a logo that is going to leave a positive, relevant and lasting impression on consumers. Once you have a strong logo that represents the values, ideas, images and personality that you want to be associated with your brand, then it’s time to put it to use. Consider the following tips to help elevate the effectiveness of your logo, both in stores and online:

Keep In-Store Branding Colorful and Consistent

Whether you have your own storefront or sell your products in other brick-and-mortar stores, there are many opportunities to reinforce your brand identity throughout the shopping experience. The first step is product packaging. Boxes and other elements of the packaging should carry the logo prominently with a design that is consistent with the rest of your brand identity. If you have your own storefront, everything from the signage and window displays to the store’s color scheme to the price tags, tissue paper, bags and even receipts should maintain the brand identity you have cultivated. And if you carry your products in other stores, think about what kinds of creative displays can be used to most effectively show off your logo and make your products stick out.



Use Online Sales to Market Your Brand

The design of your online store, corporate website, company blog and social media pages can also build your brand identity with carefully placed logos and color schemes that are consistent with other designs and images used throughout your advertising and packaging. Make sure the logo is above the fold where online viewers are likely to see it right away. Most designers suggest the top left corner of a webpage, because this is where most readers start scanning a page. Email communications, e-newsletters and other online correspondences should also carry your logo prominently and remain consistent with your brand identity. And when the package arrives to a customer’s door, they should be greeted with your logo on the box, on the receipt or invoice, on the tags, and anywhere else you see fit.

At the end of the day, the key is to make sure your logo goes everywhere your products go, and everywhere your brand goes. From packaging and boxes to email templates and marketing presentations to promotional merchandise and flyers, there are so many opportunities to let your logo do the talking. As long as it’s in good taste and consistent with your overall brand identity, the results are bound to be positive.

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