Advantages of Custom Shipping Boxes Over Stock-Sized Boxes

By Matt Ruggle

Stock-sized boxes are fine if you’re a private individual mailing a textbook you sold on eBay to another private individual. They are fine if you’re moving into a new apartment and you need a convenient way to transport your record collection. They are even fine if you’re giving somebody a puppy as an anniversary present.

Custom Cardboard Shipping Box

But if you run a business and you ship your products on a regular basis, stock-sized boxes are less than ideal.

If you run a business, custom shipping boxes are much better. For one thing, you’ll save on packaging. By ordering custom-sized boxes, you can ensure that you’re not wasting box space or transport space. Whether you deliver your product yourself or have someone deliver it for you, wasted space in a shipping truck or on a bicyclist’s back is a problem you don’t want. And with custom shipping box sizes and dimensions, you can order some to fit the size of one small shipment as well as the size of bulk shipments. Well-planned custom-sized boxes can save your company loads of money over time because of this. When you control the size of the box, you control the cost of shipping.

Additionally, custom-made boxes can have your company logo printed on them. As we mentioned before, boxes make the first impression, so put your company and your product in the spotlight with custom-printed shipping cartons. Show the recipient that you are a thoughtful and caring professional, and that your company can be trusted. With a uniquely-sized box appropriate for the product you’re sending, and with your company’s logo on that box, you’re not just shipping your product, you’re shipping your company’s good reputation.

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