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TicketBiscuit is our Client of the Month!

Imagine your favorite band is finally coming to your home city. You’ve waited for ages to see them, saved up enough for the price of a great seat, and you’re super excited to buy your ticket. But, thanks to the slow ticketing app you’re using, or because you decided to go to the physical box office and were too late, the tickets to your dream concert are all sold out – before you had the chance to get yours!

Custom Boxes for TicketBiscuit

Ticketing companies like TicketBiscuit, Custom Boxes Now’s Client of the Month, make sure that nightmare scenarios like this one don’t happen! Plus, TicketBiscuit is always evolving and making sure they incorporate the never-ending updates and new platforms of technology into their services, so you never have to worry about missing another event. We especially appreciate the fact that TicketBiscuit’s values are in line with our own: just like we provide a variety of boxes and packaging needs, TicketBiscuit works hard to offer ticketing options for many different types of events. Some of their most popular are ticketing solutions for comedy clubs, music venues, festivals, tour operations, and dance recital ticketing.
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What is Chipboard Used for?

Last month on the blog, we explored the differences between chipboard and corrugated cardboard. We also looked at some of the most common folding carton designs, so that you could find the style that will work best for you and your products.

Now, we want to answer another common question: What is chipboard used for? Chipboard packaging is used more often than you may think, in a variety of different industries and to safeguard many different types of products. This week, let’s check out some of the uses of chipboard boxes in custom packaging.

Chipboard Packaging
Beauty Products
Let’s face it: we all know our fair share of cosmetic junkies. Chances are, none of their specially-ordered products would arrive in one piece without chipboard packaging. Because of its durability, and because it often comes with partitions to protect individual products, chipboard is often used in beauty packaging. The folding cartons are perfect for single units of concealer, perfume bottles, and eyeliners, while the partitions allow for larger shipments of beauty items to safely make it to beauty store shelves. Bonus? Keep the partitions included in any boxes to help you to organize your cosmetics!
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