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Featured Client: Room Dividers Now

This month, we’re especially excited to introduce our readers and customers to our Client of the Month: Room Dividers Now, who called on us to create their branded shipping boxes.

Room Dividers Now

With rent prices skyrocketing and Airbnb on the rise, chances are you’ve struggled with how to divide your apartment or house into separate rooms in a way that not only looks elegant, but also offers genuine privacy. The folks at Room Dividers Now had the same problem, and they decided to offer a solution: they created a wide range of affordable, easy-to-install, able to withstand even your wildest parties room dividers.

They came to us looking for a shipping option that matched the integrity, quality and attention to customer service of their company and products. Oh, and because we also have “Now” in our company name, meaning that, like Room Dividers Now, we’ll also deliver lasting results fast. Since their dividers come in all shapes and sizes, they needed a variety of types of boxes and dimensions from us. So far, we’ve created five different box styles and sizes for Room Dividers Now, and we are looking forward to making even more.
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Show Your Inner Beauty: 3 Ways To Brand The Interior of Your Shipping Boxes

When it comes to customizing your packaging, it’s what’s inside that counts—and we’re not just talking about your products. Sometimes, people are so focused on the design of the exterior of their boxes, they overlook the huge opportunity that the interior can offer. Missing the possibility to unexpectedly wow your customers throughout their entire unwrapping experience, all the way from the outside in, can cause otherwise fabulous packaging to end in a bit of a lackluster experience. Double your product’s impact by checking out our tips on how to make the inside of your branded shipping boxes really shine.

Boxes with Printing Inside

#1: Go Bold
With the trend of unboxing videos, Instagram photos and tweets on the rise, the inside of your custom branded shipping boxes could potentially be seen by a lot more than just the person you shipped your products to. Act accordingly.
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