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Ecommerce Startups & Branding 101 – Custom Printed Boxes

In the intense world of Silicon Valley Startups, the smallest detail can mean the difference between being on top and losing out to a competitor. The most successful startup businesses — and established companies — understand that how they package their goods directly represents the amount of pride they take in their business (at least in the eyes of customers). And customers do know it, too: countless studies and focus group results have shown that custom printed boxes can boost new sales and help keep clients coming back.

Printed Ecommerce Box

In order to compete with the online retail giant Amazon, innovator Marc Lore founded Jet, an e-commerce site which aims to offer prices that are 10-15% lower than Amazon’s on a variety of goods. From the beginning, Jet has focused on building its brand — including its custom box printing. Lore understands the reality of his situation: that getting consumers to switch from a trusted and known e-retailer like Amazon (even to a company like Jet, that is more efficient and cheaper) takes time and a great attention to detail. Jet’s packaging utilizes their company logo and coloring, and their name is printed across all sides of their boxes (as opposed to Amazon, which uses brown shipping boxes and much more minimal branding). Their boxes are also featured heavily on their social media accounts, where they retweet/repost photographs of their customers creating “houses” and toys out of them with their children. Smart move.
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Overcoming Packaging Challenges – Food Subscription Boxes

No matter the industry or the product, from tee shirts to fly fishing gear to flowers, monthly, weekly, or seasonal subscription boxes are all the rage. But if you’re sending out snacks, jams, cheeses, or pretty much anything else food-related, you know you face more challenging design and shipping issues. Keeping on brand (and cute!) while dealing with the practicalities of shipping perishable items isn’t always easy. Not to worry — we’ve got you covered on how to make your customized packaging as delectable as the treats inside.

Customized Shipping Box
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Custom Die Cut Packaging From Around the World

“Out of this world” custom die cut packaging is literally changing the way people are packaging their products. Do you ever feel like drab, brown packaging is bringing down the excitement of the items you’re shipping? Maybe you’re concerned that packages can’t be both festive and functional? We’ve gathered an inspirational list of ideas for some of the most creative custom die cut boxes, to inspire you to take your packaging experience to the next level.

What’s it All About?
Die cutting is a way to bring your packages to life by creating shapes, prints, words, and more out of paper, cardboard, and other materials. Often, die cut packaging allows you to create a three-dimensional experience, makes way for a pop of color, and emphasizes the spirit of both the brand and the individual product.

Die Cut Boxes

This Little Light Of Mine
Are you a candle or lighting company? One way to really “brighten” up your packaging experience is to get a box that fits around the base of the candle or bulb so it can be cut and folded to look like a hanging lantern or make shapes on a wall. Make sure to include instructions in your shipping materials, and we recommend printing the lines to cut and fold along on the inside of the box, so customers can hide where stamps and labels used to be. Your clients may just like the idea so much, they’ll become life-long customers!
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College Finals Survival Care Packages

Sending your college student a much-needed care package has never been easier. It doesn’t matter if your child has just entered college, is enduring finals week, or is finishing up their final semester, a care package from home is always appreciated — and shows you how much you are thinking of them. Whether you’re shipping basic essentials, food you’ve made yourself, or just want to send a random gift, durable, corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are a must. Read on to discover of some of the most desired items to surprise your college student with — and tips on how to pack them safely!

Boxes for Care Packages
What To Pack
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