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Not Your Grandmother’s Boxed Wine

Boxed wine has long been thought of as a product only for those who aren’t especially concerned with achieving master sommelier status. But, for those more interested in wines better known for their price points than their top notes, boxed wine can be the perfect solution. And today, as boxed wine becomes more and more trendy to those embracing the “shabby chic” look and an environmentally conscious attitude, boxed wine is poised to make a serious mark on the industry. Whether you’re a wine company or just a fan of creative packaging ideas, there are many reasons to consider making the swap from bottle to box.

Boxed Wine - Custom Boxes

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Rock N’ Roll — Cardboard Style! DIY Guitar

If you’re facing yet another snow day and running out of ideas, we’ve got you covered with this how-to for a fun DIY Children’s Faux Guitar. Use your old corrugated cardboard boxes from the holiday season to create a superstar instrument for a fraction of the cost — at least until your kids start asking for real guitar lessons.

Strumming On A Guitar
We’ve always advocated for recycling boxes, but we especially love this DIY. To start, cut a circular hole in the top of a rectangular or small square cardboard box (it’s OK to switch up the shape). If you need help, the bottom of a coffee mug is a pretty good size. Then, about an inch or two away from the circle you’ve just cut out, in line with the center of the hole, punch four tiny holes for the “strings” on each side (a small screwdriver will create the right size). Try to make them as even as possible — you can use a ruler if you need extra help.

Turn a Cardboard Box into a Guitar
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