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Custom Boxes Now Client of the Month: Microchip ID Systems

Whether you’re a pet owner, interested in animal welfare or just curious about the latest pet-related technology, chances are you’ve heard of the Permanent Microchip, an implant used to track and protect animals. This month, Great Northern and Custom Boxes Now are especially thrilled to feature our “Client of the Month” for January: Microchip ID Systems.

Custom Boxes for Microchip ID

The company, which manufactures ISO-Certified microchips that are humanely and safely implanted in animals, helps to track down lost pets, monitor the activities of endangered species both in the wild and in research and can even benefit the work of zoologists who are looking to understand the behavioral habits of beloved animals so they can increase their quality of life. They even make a special “EquineChip” for equestrians who need to make sure their horses are in tip-top shape for upcoming races and games. And regardless of the size of the animal (we’re not kidding…they even make products for frogs!), Microchip ID Systems can help keep your four-legged family member safe, by making something that can be inserted into your pet, pain-free. With over 5,000 pet searches to their database every day, they’ve reunited countless animals with their owners.
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Cardboard Revamped — Google Style!

As only one of the world’s most innovative and techno-savvy companies can, the popular Internet search engine Google has created a whole new world, simply from cardboard. Obviously, we’re huge fans of their custom printed boxes, which have been reworked into a virtual reality experience that you can see on your iPhone, through an app and the cardboard viewfinder. Whether you want to travel to Paris, Tokyo, or — why not? — even Mars, the cardboard viewfinder sets you up for hours of fun, without the long flight.

How It Works
Remember those orange and red slide viewfinders that many of us looked into for hours in childhood? Well, Google Cardboard is like those were (well, if those basically came alive and showed you way more than just stills from popular Disney movies). You can travel across the globe, put yourself on stage at a rock concert, or “ski” down some of the world’s craziest black diamond slopes. You can even use the app to visit popular landmarks like Marie Antoinette’s Versailles Palace in France, with a tour guide! And Google staples, like Street View or Google Earth, are suddenly transformed into a three-dimensional, walking experience. All you have to do is download the app onto your smart phone, and slip the phone into the slot in the cardboard viewfinder.

Cardboard Box Google
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New Year, New Habits: Recycling

If you’re still looking for a New Year’s Resolution you can actually keep, please join in our challenge to recycle more than ever before! Whether you’re interested in repurposing shipping boxes or custom product packaging, it’s never been easier to make a positive impact that the whole family can join in together. So if you want to make something creative out of old cardboard boxes left over from Christmas morning, or you’re wondering how to possibly recycle customized packaging, we’ve got you covered!

Recyclable Shipping Boxes

Give Back Across The Board
If you’re a retailer yourself, why not offer a 5-10% discount for customers who bring back old packaging or custom boxes? You can re-use the boxes themselves, or designate a day to drive them to the recycling plant with your employees (the process is fascinating, and often times tours are available for a new take on team-building.) Not only are you helping your customers, but you’re also showing them you’re an eco-conscious business that wants to give back in every way.
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