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Think Outside the Box… Literally

The sign of a truly creative mind is the ability to transform something ordinary into the extraordinary. Combined with the recent resurgence of upcycled products and an emphasis on a more simplistic design, even a cardboard box can serve as the perfect medium: recently, one artist even recreated a vintage Lincoln Continental from cardboard! No matter your talent level, you can find unlimited ways to turn product boxes into craft projects, games for children and even home décor!

Corrugated Cardboard Car

Make New Friends
Cardboard makes a great—and forgiving—canvas for miniature Picassos! Encourage your kids to cut out animal shapes from old boxes, then paint or draw on them to make them as life-like as possible. Glue a popsicle stick to the back and you have an instant puppet! Your children can create an entire pretend zoo from the materials provided by a single product box. Since cardboard is much sturdier than construction paper, their creations will last much longer and can go on far more exciting adventures, and require minimal cleanup.
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‘Tis the Season For Cardboard Gingerbread Houses

December is here, and it’s time to get into the holiday spirit! This means wrapping presents, decorating the tree, hanging stockings and building gingerbread houses. But with everything you have to get done before the 25th, we can bet that one thing you definitely don’t have time for is cleaning up a sugary, sticky mess! Thankfully, we have the perfect, mess-free, simple solution. This year, why not make a sans-confectionary gingerbread house with leftover cardboard product boxes! Not only will your children enjoy them for much longer than the usual graham cracker and icing versions that crack after a week, you’ll love having one less thing to cross off your cleaning list!

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes - Gingerbread House

Larger Than Life
One benefit to using up all those recycled custom boxes for your gingerbread house? When you use boxes, you have more sizing options than you do with the stick-the graham-on-the-milk-carton version! Why not really get festive this year and make your gingerbread house life size? Your children can pretend to be elves, or Santa himself, dropping gifts down their own cardboard chimney. Though making a cardboard home is fairly intuitive, if you’re stuck on construction, you can always check out Pinterest for some great instructions (hint: duct tape — a lot of it).
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Holiday Packaging 101: Make Sure Your Gifts Make It Under The Tree!

In the season of giving, how you ship products is just as important as what’s underneath the ribbons and bows! No one wants to spend hours agonizing over the perfect gift for someone, only to have it arrive in pieces due to faulty shipping and packaging. At Custom Boxes Now, we’ve got you — and your gifts — covered. Read on to learn about how our custom product boxes weather even the most difficult of snowstorms and sleigh rides!

Custom Product Boxes

Finding the One
Picking out the right box to ship your items in can make a world of difference, which is why we’ve made sure to offer an array of custom product boxes for you to choose from. We offer everything from the basic Regular Slotted Container, which can hold heavy loads and require packing tape to seal; to One Panel Folders, used to ship books and photographs. No matter what you’re wrapping up, we can provide you with the box needed to make sure it arrives safely. We’ve also written a blog post designed to help you figure out which type of box suits your needs. Continue reading

Unboxing The Unboxing Trend

Click on a YouTube channel created by a beauty or fashion social media celebrity, and chances are you’ll soon come across an “Unboxing” video. In essence, these videos show the user opening up a brand new box of goodies that has just arrived in the mail — so if something has smashed or broken in transit, the user is going to broadcast her unhappiness to her subscribers. If you knew your company’s box was going to opened and the products inside would be seen by millions of viewers and countless potential clients, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you’ve put your best foot forward? Read on to learn more about how to create custom packaging boxes that make sure your goods are delivered safely — and in style.

Custom Packaging Box

First Impressions
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Practical Recycling: Three Cardboard Playhouses to Brighten Your Holiday Season

With the holiday season just around the corner, finding creative ways to recycle and reuse corrugated shipping boxes can help you enjoy green-friendly living while adding to your enjoyment at home. Durable cardboard can form the basis for a number of creative and fun playhouse projects that can keep younger children entertained for hours of fun. Here are three of the best ways to reuse shipping boxes for the younger members of your family.

Corrugated Cardboard Spaceship

#1. Spaceship
Large round boxes like those used for hats and cakes can serve as the top of a stylish spaceship. The foundation should be a box large enough for your child to sit in comfortably. Construction paper and smaller boxes can be used to create control panels and seating inside. For the finishing touch, add a cone made of light cardboard or construction paper to create the nose of the spaceship. Bright tempera paints can make this a homemade project your child will remember for years to come. Continue reading