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Five Advantages of Custom Corrugated Boxes: Why These Shipping Solutions Are Here to Stay

Custom corrugated boxes for shipping have been a staple of the packaging industry for decades. These sturdy boxes can stand up to repeated bumps and impacts to protect their contents against damage, making them a cost-effective and lightweight way to ship items across town or across the country. While technological advances have changed many parts of the distribution and supply chain, these custom cardboard boxes continue to serve as the industry standard for shipping. Here are five reasons that custom boxes are here to stay.

Custom Corrugated Box

#1. Right-Sized Packaging Makes Financial Sense
Boxes too large for the items they hold require added packing material to prevent unwanted shifts and damage to contents. Over time, this added weight and paper consumption can generate significant costs for companies and can increase the environmental impact of their operations. By choosing custom shipping boxes, companies can more easily manage packaging for a wide range of items while keeping costs to a reasonable level.
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Five Key Produce Packaging Features for National Apple Month

Fresh fruits and vegetables require special handling during the shipping process. These delicate items can easily be bruised or damaged. Additionally, vegetables and fruits need the right packaging to protect them against environmental factors that could increase the risk of spoilage en route to their destinations. Because October is National Apple Month, the packaging experts at Custom Boxes Now have put together a list of the five most important elements to consider when packing these fruits for delivery to retail outlets or consumers.

Cardboard Tray for Shipping Apples
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Five Top Cardboard Costume Projects to Try This Halloween

Modern cardboard containers can do more than protect items on the way to consumers. These unique cardboard boxes can also serve as the basis for innovative and attractive Halloween costumes this fall. By recycling these materials, you can reinforce green-friendly values with your children while saving money on store-bought products. From traditional favorites to handmade conceptions that figuratively think outside the box, the team at Custom Boxes Now has compiled a list of five of the best costumes for this harvest season.

TOP COSTUME #1:  The Ever-Popular Robot
Square and rectangular boxes of different sizes form the basis for this traditional costume. Depending on your do-it-yourself skill, you can use duct tape or staples to connect the various parts of the costume. Best of all, your young child can decorate the outside with tempura paints to express their own robot vision. For older children, metallic spray paints can be used with supervision to create a more realistic version of these costumes. Dryer vents can provide bendable arms and legs that still look amazingly real for a homemade effort.

Cardboard Box Robot

TOP COSTUME #2:  Dino Power
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CBN’s Newest Client of the Month: Subscription Box Service Fandom of the Month

Subscription box services have come into their own in the past few years. Packed with toys, jewelry and apparel and based on a specific theme, these collections require the perfect container to allow them to shine in the competitive marketplace. While the contents are the real star, the boxes in which these items are shipped can be of critical importance in setting the stage for the customer and for raising awareness of these subscription services among the general public. Custom Boxes Now (CBN) recently had the opportunity to work with an up-and-coming entry in the subscription box marketplace. Fandom of the Month is a new business that provides curated collections of jewelry and accessories for movie and television fans. The entire CBN staff is proud to name Fandom of the Month our client of the month.

Custom Box - Fandom of the Month

Unique Items Require Innovative Packaging
Erin from Fandom of the Month approached us after demand for her curated subscription box expanded far more quickly than she had anticipated. As a small, family-owned business, Fandom of the Month needed affordable and attractive boxes to help build their brand and to showcase the items included in each collection, which typically includes key chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins designed to suit the fandom community. CBN was happy to take on the challenge and started work right away to design a box ideal for these unique movie, book and television-themed items.
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Custom Shipping Boxes for Maverick HIll

Exploring Your Options in the Custom Mailer Marketplace

The ideal packaging for your product will protect it against damage in transit to your customers while allowing you to deliver your marketing message at every step along the way. Designing and creating custom mailers for your products will ensure that your items make it safely from factory floor to your customer’s door. Understanding your options in the custom mailer marketplace can help you decide on the right packaging solutions for your company’s products. How do you know if you should opt for an envelope versus a box? We break it down for you here.

Available in a wide array of configurations, envelopes are typically used for small, lightweight objects. Padded envelopes can offer a little more protection against crushing and impacts, but these packaging solutions are best reserved for durable items that can stand up to the rough handling commonly encountered in the shipping industry. Books, games and other flat items are generally suitable for shipping in a padded envelope; breakable or irregularly shaped products typically are not. Adding graphic designs to your custom mailers can provide even more visibility for your company and your brand name.

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