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Edge Crush Tests: Durability Ratings for Your Packaging and Display Needs

Advances in cardboard manufacturing technology now allow the creation of even more durable and versatile packaging options for your company. Corrugated cardboard is a cost-effective choice for all types of product packaging and provides added strength to allow your box to stand up to the shipping process, from manufacturer to retail outlet to home. The edge crush test is used industry-wide to determine the strength and durability of corrugated cardboard and offers a good comparison point for your company in choosing the right materials for your corporate packaging needs.

Box Strength Test - Strong Shipping Boxes
What Is the Edge Crush Test?
Simply put, the edge crush test measures the ability of corrugated cardboard to resist pressure under controlled conditions. The cardboard is generally formed into a box shape and then compressed slowly to determine when structural integrity begins to suffer. The boxes used for the test are empty and must be configured to meet exact specifications to ensure accuracy and comparability among different products. Test boxes must have the same ratio of height to circumference and must meet minimal standards for structural construction to be measured accurately using these tests.
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The Sky Is the Limit for Innovative Cardboard Packaging Design

The right shipping and packaging solutions can add real value to your products and provide a second front for your advertising campaigns. The sky really is the limit for creative cardboard packaging design. If you’re stuck on the creativity aspect, we’ve got you covered. Check out these five key concepts we came up with to help you make the most of your packaging when you’re planning the shipping materials for your products.

Plan for the Shipping Process
Your cardboard packaging must be strong enough to stand up to the abuse it will likely endure during the shipping process. Corrugated cardboard is a solid choice for delicate items and provides optimal protection against bumps, impacts and crushing damage. Choosing boxes or containers of the right size can also prevent items from sliding inside your packaging materials and becoming damaged while being shipped to their destinations.

Branded Shipping Box
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MaverickHill and Custom Boxes Now: Creating Change for College-Aged Women

At Custom Boxes Now, we specialize in lightning-fast turnaround times and customized packaging solutions for business. We recently had the chance to work with MaverickHill, one of the most forward-thinking retailers in the consumer market. MaverickHill’s brand concept revolves around female empowerment in the college setting and highlights positive affirmations for young women. Their innovative product lines required an equally cutting-edge packaging approach. MaverickHill’s curated and themed subscription boxes offer a budget-friendly way to accumulate a power wardrobe complete with accessories for college-aged women. This combination of social responsibility and creative marketing inspired us to name MaverickHill our client of the month.

Custom Printed Box for UniversiTee
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