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Personalized Shipping Box

Four Benefits of Custom Package Boxes for Your Company

Finding ways to stand out in the competitive marketplace can help your business achieve more and reach a larger percentage of your target audience. Custom packaging solutions can be part of your overall marketing plan and can provide you with added visibility at every step of the distribution and delivery process. Here are four of the most important benefits of custom package boxes for your company’s products.

Benefit #1: Reduced Delivery Costs
Boxes designed specifically to hold your products typically cost less and require less packing material to shield delicate or fragile contents from damage en route to their destination. While the reduction in postage or delivery costs may not amount to much on an individual basis, it can add up to significant savings over the course of an average fiscal year.
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Affordable and Practical: A Customized Die Cut Box from the Experts at Custom Boxes Now

Finding the right shipping solutions can be challenging, especially for small businesses with a limited packaging budget. Die cut boxes can provide a cost-effective way to protect and ship items of almost any size to customers both locally and across the country or globally. Custom Boxes Now will work with you to design and fabricate boxes that fit your products and your needs perfectly, allowing you to optimize shipping costs while ensuring that your items reach their intended destinations in optimal condition for end users. Printed boxes can be surprisingly affordable and can bolster your branding efforts to increase your corporate visibility locally and at every step of the delivery process.

Die Cut Box

What Is a Die Cut Box?
One of the most cost-effective packaging solutions, die cut boxes are manufactured through a cutting process that allows small or large-scale runs to be managed quickly and easily. Just as a cookie cutter slices through dough to create the precise shape needed, the die used to produce these boxes is pressed against cardboard to create the exact box shape needed for your products. After initial setup, the fabrication process can be completed quickly and at an astonishingly affordable cost, making these shipping solutions an excellent choice for companies operating with limited funds or with relatively low profit margins.
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Making the Most from Amazon Marketplace Sales with Custom Boxes Now

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and one of the top ten retail stores in the United States, earning a reported near $89 billion in net revenues for fiscal year 2014. The Amazon Marketplace program allows sellers to market their products through the interface for a minimal cost per item or subscription fee per month. Amazon has established guidelines for sellers regarding the packaging and labeling of their Amazon Marketplace shipments. At Custom Boxes Now, we can provide customized boxes specifically designed to comply with all Amazon recommendations and to showcase your products effectively along every step of their journey from your home or business to your buyer’s front door.

Custom Shipping Box for Amazon

Want to know more about how to take advantage of this selling giant’s audience? We break down the guidelines and rules they’ve put in place to ensure you can make the most of the opportunity to sell on Amazon.
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Customized Cardboard Boxes Can Make Corporate Gift Giving More Special

It’s well known that simply maintaining the morale of your company’s key employees can boost productivity and enhance your profitability in the competitive commercial arena. And there’s no time better than the holidays to really show employees how valued they are to your organization. Holiday gift packages and incentives are the perfect opportunity to really wow employees. This year, why not wow them from the very beginning with a cute or creative package? With custom or creative packaging and boxes as a first impression, you can demonstrate just how much you value your staff members. Custom-printed cardboard boxes can put the final touch on your gift to them, and can provide an added wow factor for annual gifts and merit awards. Here are some of the most innovative ideas for corporate gift giving and packaging this year.

Unique Cardboard Box
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Five Keys to Selecting the Right Customized Shipping Boxes for Snack Subscription Services

The increasing popularity of mail order snacks and foods has led to a corresponding rise in demand for customized shipping boxes. For companies that specialize in this growing industry, five primary considerations are likely to influence their choices in the cardboard packaging industry:

• Cost per Unit
• Visual Appeal
• Durability & Protection for Fragile Contents
• Easy-open convenience
• Weight Factors & Shipping costs

By taking these factors into account when selecting a supplier for customized shipping boxes, companies can ensure that their food products arrive at their destinations in optimal condition and that these mail-order snack services achieve maximum visibility at every stage of their journey from manufacturer to end user.

Customized Shipping Boxes
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Boosting Your Branding Efforts with Custom Cardboard Box Printing

Creating and developing a consistent branding strategy can be the key to longevity in the modern retail field. By reinforcing your brand name and associating it with positive images, your company can increase sales and customer loyalty to enhance your overall profitability. Investing in printed shipping boxes can provide support for your marketing and branding processes while making an impression at every step of the distribution chain. Cardboard box printing offers a number of important advantages for your business enterprises:

  • Increased exposure for your corporate logo and brand in the consumer marketplace
  • Improved management of inventory with clear descriptions of contents on shipping boxes
  • Minimal additional cost for printed shipping boxes over plain boxes after the initial tooling charge
  • Cost-effective and durable protection for products en route to their retail destinations

The small amount you’ll invest in cardboard box printing can more than pay off in improved visibility in the business-to-business environment and in the consumer marketplace.

Printed Shipping Box
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