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Custom Boxes Now Honors iFixit as the Client of the Month

While each of our clients is special to us, we occasionally honor a customer who has made a real and positive impression on the Custom Boxes Now team. Our client of the month for this July is iFixit, the leading source for free repair advice and affordable parts and tools on the Internet.Custom Boxes Customer - iFixIt

Community members share their expertise in a wide range of technical fields, allowing others to benefit from their knowledge and experience and supplementing limited or nonexistent technical support provided by manufacturers and retailers. This cooperative approach to repair and maintenance information has made iFixit a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers across the country.
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A Brave New World for Shipping Boxes and Containers: Cost-Cutting Deliveries Boost Cardboard Industry

The future of cardboard and corrugated packaging may rest with some of the giants of the delivery business. Amazon has already moved toward sending lightweight packages with the help of the U.S. Postal Service; now it may be contemplating hiring local delivery personnel to manage last-mile services in urban and rural areas. By working with these individuals on an as-needed basis, companies like Amazon can significantly reduce their costs for shipping items over extended distances. The packaging required for these new shipping methods, however, will have to meet even more stringent requirements to stand up to the potential inexperience of these new delivery providers.

Custom Shipping Box for Amazon
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Need a Shipping Strategy for an Online Store? Here’s How to Choose Your Strategy

Are you looking for some online shipping ideas and tips to streamline, unburden, and reduce the cost of operating your ecommerce store? You’re not alone. Many online retailers face the problem of abandoned shopping carts once customers calculate shipping costs, but covering the costs of shipping for customers can be equally damaging to your bottom line. How can you win?

Shipping Tips and Ideas
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The Science to Picking the Right Box for the Right Item

Whether you package and/or ship your products in plain brown corrugated carton boxes, colorful shoe boxes, slotted containers, die cut custom boxes, full overlap boxes or any other variety of cardboard container, you should always be certain that you are using the right box for the job. This isn’t just a guessing game, either. There is actual science to choosing and designing the right box for a consumer product, whether it’s being shipped straight to customers’ homes or to retail shelves. Here we’ll explain how picking just the right (corrugated carton) boxes for the right items really is an exact science, using scientific technology companies as an example.

Custom Size Box
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The Future of Online Shipping: How are Retailers Following Suit as Amazon Goes Free?

Business shipping costs are, of course, a primary concern for retail businesses that sell their wares online and ship them directly to customers. When shipping costs are too high, which is often the case for small businesses that don’t sell enough units to qualify for bulk shipping rates, it can eat away at profits. This is why many online retailers charge shipping and handling fees to customers. But now that Amazon is offering free shipping on thousands of smaller items that customers frequently purchase, how will other online retailers keep up? The following post will look at eBay, Shopify, and other sites for examples of how smaller businesses can compete in this changing business shipping market.

Custom Shipping Box for Amazon

Amazon’s Big Shipping News
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