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Profile of a Custom Product Packaging Project that was a Sweet and Spicy Success

Custom Boxes Now Customer - Vermont Maple Sriracha

When it comes to custom product packaging, there’s just no telling what the team at Custom Boxes Now can do with their creative abilities when given the opportunity to work with a client that’s open to new ideas. The project completed for Vermont Maple Sriracha, which you can find online at, is one example of the firm’s creative design wheelhouse. This sweet and spicy product needed unique and attention-grabbing packaging to match its flavor and flare, and the finished product accomplished just that. Keep reading to learn more.

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The Ultimate Guide to Corrugated Box Designs

The possibilities of corrugated box design are practically endless in this day and age, but many retailers, vendors and business owners still don’t know what all of their options are. While in the past we have described a limited number of corrugated box possibilities, here we’ll provide a more comprehensive guide to the nuances of corrugated box design, including approximately 15 different variations. These variations make it possible for retailers, vendors and business owners to package their products in the exact right box for the shape and purpose of the item, and the nature of the transaction. So read on and see what you might be able to do with just the right box.

The Long List of Corrugated Box Types
Below you’ll find the most common varieties of corrugated custom boxes. While this is a long list, it’s still important remember that this is by no means a comprehensive list. There are always more possibilities when you get creative and customize your design, but it’s a more complete guide than you’re likely to find elsewhere online!

    • Regular Slotted Container – this standard box design has a slotted top and bottom
      RSC Shipping Box

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Corrugated Cardboard Boombox

Five Jaw Dropping Examples of Custom Cardboard Designs You Never Imagined

The things that people can do with custom cardboard designs these days are simply amazing. Unique cardboard creations such as lamps, furniture, pyramids and other products certainly couldn’t have been imaginable to most professionals in the cardboard manufacturing industry 50 years ago. Read on as we describe five of the most jaw-dropping examples of custom cardboard creations from recent endeavors in the worlds of art, design and retailing. For vendors, online business owners and retail storeowners, these customized designs should serve as an example of the creative kinds of things you can do with your packing and shipping boxes. Keep reading to learn more about the possibilities.

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Tips for Shipping Ecommerce Products, from Custom Furniture to Power Tools

Whether you are in the business of selling and shipping something as light as gift certificates, or as heavy as power tools, a good ecommerce shipping methodology will go a long way. Small business owners, online merchants, EBay Power Sellers, Shopify users and other types of retailers make most of their transactions with customers who rely on custom shipping boxes to receive their new product. If you are in this category, do you have a plan or standard method of shipping? What is your system? If your answers aren’t as clear as you’d like them to be, keep reading and see how to best ship your products for retail success.

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Pink custom box

Little Touches That Make Your Shipping Packages Stand Out from the Crowd

When was the last time you brainstormed custom packaging ideas to enhance the un-packaging experience for all of your customers? Have you thought of this at all? If you’re still relying on generic boxes and bare bones packing materials for the utilitarian purposes of protecting and shipping the package, you’re not thinking outside the box, so to speak. Here we’ve listed some of the “little touches” that you can add to your packing and shipping scheme to add memorability and extra branding to the experience when customers open the box.

Boxes with “Built-In” Features
Companies that ship can take a cue from some of the most innovative food packaging designs, which implement features such as built-in holders for condiments and parts of the packaging that turn into eating utensils. Continue reading