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6 Examples of Companies Using Custom Boxes to Reflect Their Products

A custom box can do much more than simply hold a product until a customer is ready to purchase, open, and use it. The right box can attract attention, enhance the un-packaging experience, help build brand identity, and continue doing your advertising for you long after the package has been opened. A high-quality and durable cardboard box with an eye-catching design isn’t so easy to toss out, after all, and as long as it’s being reused it will strengthen your brand identity every time someone sees it.

A truly creative and inspired box can even reflect the product inside with a few careful design tricks. Read on as we focus on six examples of the companies and designers taking their custom boxes to the next level with design ideas that reflect the actual products they’re selling.

    1. Baby Star Shoe Box
      Designer Ronny Poon developed a triangular box to hold baby-sized Chuck Taylor All Stars. These clever little boxes not only look like a shoe despite their triangular shape, but also give kids a chance to try out tying their laces with the lace-up box and can be fit into the Converse star once you have five boxes.
    2. Borinots
      Borinot Custom Boxes
      The elaborate boxes designed for Borinots reflect the delicacy of the almond-topped milk chocolate “pa de pessic” pastries hiding inside, as well as the name of the brand. The name – Borinot – is a type of flying insect, which is represented in the delicate wings of the box. Stylish details like the floral stamps further the overall effect and take consumers back to a grander time of pastry packaging.

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The Importance of Custom Printed Boxes for Online T-Shirt Sellers

With so many online t-shirt companies popping up, custom printed boxes have become one of the most important ways to differentiate brands from their competition. In this competitive market, sellers who ship their t-shirts out in plain old brown boxes or white sleeves are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow their business. Here we delve into post why selling t-shirts is so popular, some of the steps entrepreneurs typically take when starting a t-shirt company online, and the importance of custom box printing to differentiate your t-shirts from the competition.
Custom Box for Shipping Shirts

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Eight Great Examples of Custom Box Retail Designs

The best custom box retail designs are smart, attractive, innovative, intuitive, sturdy, and, above all, beautifully put together. But where to begin? If you’re stuck for new ideas, it might be helpful to see what other businesses are doing. The following eight examples should give you an idea of the creative kinds of things that vendors and retailers are doing with box printing design.

  1. A New Take on Alphabet Blocks
    Toy Block Custom Boxes
    US-based toy company Eames hired the designers at House Industries to develop a corrugated cardboard box design that protects the blocks from damage in a shape that wastes no space while attracting customers with a sleek and baby- and kid-approved black and red design that alludes to what’s inside. Check out their box designs.
  2. Crocodile Toy Boxes
    Lowe Brindfors designed a fun and fanciful toy box for a Swedish department store that featured a lid shaped like a crocodile’s toothy mouth, which opens up to allow access to a large half-section of the box where a toy is inside waiting.
    Cardboard Printed Box for Toys
  3. Cross-Promotional TV Boxes
    The Publicis ad agency in Brazil designed a sturdy, handled box for the line of AXN TVs, which also cross-promoted the CBS television series “Criminal Minds.” The cross promotional box design was a win-win for AXN and CBS. View here
  4. Gift-Shaped Boxes for Drink Promotion
    Guests at a series of Suntory whiskey trial events a few years back were treated to gift packs including a multi-sided box with a clever bow, opening up to reveal a bottle of Perrier to be mixed with the relatively new to the scene Japanese whiskey, “Hibiki 12 Years.”
  5. “Grease Not Gas” T-Shirt/Pizza Boxes
    A recent tour promoting the beneficial uses of vegetable oil as a replacement for gas in our cars used t-shirt packages shaped like pizza boxes that enclosed free prizes for guests of a fundraiser event. Read more
    Printed Brown Box
  6. Pet-Crate Shaped Box for PetSmart
    Benjamin Yi, who was still studying Industrial Design at Art Center College of Design at the time, designed an innovative package for a PetSmart product line targeting pet owners who travel and want a short supply of food with a bowl in a transportable, handled cardboard box. See the design
    Pet Food Box
  7. Sneaker/Tissue Box
    A recent project provided a creative team at Groovisions with the opportunity to design an innovative rectangular package with graphics that make it look like a sneaker and a corrugated design that allows you to use it as a tissue box once the sneakers are out and on your feet!
    Printed Promo Boxes
  8. Swanky “Incase Courier Collection” Boxes
    The Incase Courier Collection, which targets bike messengers with a premium line of bags, is known for sturdy and sophisticated packaging featuring such elegant details as button tie closures, sleek black string, and black text contrasting a basic brown cardboard background. See more
    Cardboard Box with Latch

The best custom box retail designs for your business may be vastly different from these companies’ efforts, but the level of creativity should be the same. Just remember that a package is much more than just a box; a package is an integral part of the story your product tells.

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How the C-Series Boxes Dominated the Online Subscription-Box Market

When it comes to custom printed product boxes, a little thing called the “C-Series” is dominating the online box club market. The C-Series box, one of the most popular styles available, is also one of the most versatile. Using durable corrugated board and various color printing techniques depending on the specifications of the customer, it’s possible to manufacture incredibly creative and structurally sound promotional shipping boxes in the auto-locking C-Series style.

Printed Auto-locking box - C-Series Box

It’s particularly popular for clothing and food retailers that ship their products directly to customers, whether selling individual items or sending samples as part of a monthly subscription club. Here are some shining examples of C-Series design and color printing options that show just how this box is dominating the online subscription-box market.

Kona Kase
This burgeoning Washington, DC company is making a name for itself in the endurance athlete community with a subscription service that sends new supplements, foods, and meal replacement products to members each month. The die-cut C-series packing box for Kona Kase utilizes white text against a pair of striking colors to achieve a multi-hued look that appears to be even more complex than it actually is.

Sage Spoonfuls
Sage Spoonfuls is a subscription box club that offers “all the tools you need to make healthy, delicious and affordable food for your baby.” The custom die-cut C-Series shipping boxes they have been using were designed with a litho-laminated, four-color process that achieves a bright, attention-grabbing effect that is both visually appealing and revealing about the product.

Stitch Fix
This subscription box club provides a fashionable and affordable way for busy, professional women to get new clothing on a monthly basis. Members take a style quiz on the company’s website, receive clothing and jewelry based on their preferences in the mail each month, and simply send back the items they don’t want to purchase. With simply yet artfully designed C-Series boxes adorned with the company logo and other pertinent info, there’s no forgetting the Stitch Fix brand, even when the clothes have come and gone.

Trunk Club
The Trunk Club is similar to Stitch Fix, but designed for men. Members begin by taking a style survey and connecting with a Trunk Club stylist, who seeks out the best clothing based on the style, preferences, and size of each customer. Customers have the opportunity to see the contents of each “trunk” before it ships, and (assuming they approve) the items are sent directly to their address. Like other clothing-of-the-month clubs, members only pay for what they want to keep, and have 10 days to return the rest – with free shipping – before requesting another “trunk.” The “trunks” are really just custom-printed C-Series boxes adorned with a stylish design that gives a nod to the shipping trunks of bygone eras.

With so many examples of C-Series custom printed product boxes, it’s easy to see why this shipping package is dominating the online subscription-box market. It’s a wonder why anyone would do it any other way. Start here or contact us to learn more.