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5 Reasons Why Plain Packaging May be Selling Your Products Short

Are you using custom boxes for shipping your products? Whether you send your products directly to customers, or to other businesses, the packaging you ship them in can have a huge influence on your marketing and branding efforts. Custom corrugated boxes in particular offer a number of unique benefits that are well worth the investment. Here are five reasons why companies like yours may be missing huge opportunities if you are still packaging your products in plain, unadorned boxes.

  1. Be Professional – What’s Your Packaging Implying?
    Custom boxes can help you attain a much more professional image. Your customers don’t necessarily know whether you run your business from your living room or a huge manufacturing plant, but the packaging that arrives can provide a sense of a well-established firm. Whatever the case, you can print things like a logo, company address, or directions for how to use the product.
  2. Dress to Impress – Because You Never Get a Second Chance to Make That First Impression
    A plain brown box without any text, shapes, designs, or artwork will never impress anyone. You can express many things with a stunning, printed design. Incorporating your company’s core values into your package design will always have a more stunning and memorable result in the eyes of customers. In the best case scenario, your customers will even be tempted to keep and reuse the box. This is the ultimate opportunity for elongated exposure to your brand.
  3. Promote Your Brand – The No Brainer
    Even if your products come in a carefully designed package, you’re selling them short if you don’t use equally artful shipping boxes. The reason is simple: only the recipient will see the product once they open the shipping box, but countless people will see that shipping box in transit. Just consider a recent story about FedEx packages flying onto a New Jersey highway after a shipping truck overturned. Everyone who watched the footage of packages spilling onto the highway just 10 days before Christmas saw mounds of boxes, many of which were plain and brown.
  4. Protect Your Products – A Step Beyond the Aesthetics
    High-quality corrugated board, the kind typically used for custom shipping boxes, offers an extra layer of protection you won’t find if you buy a bulk order of boxes directly off the shelf. And since you will always have the right size box for the shipment, there won’t be too much extra space for the product to move around and incur damage.
  5. Vary Your Sizes – One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All
    Ordering custom boxes to ship your products not only gives you more flexibility in terms of design, but also in sizing. If you send shipments of various sizes, you will not want to use the same box every time because you will inevitably waste a lot of packaging every time you ship a small order. Even if you saved money on the one-size-fits-all boxes, you will waste money on packing and shipping. Not to mention how unprofessional this tactic tends to look.

With all things considered, there’s really no great excuse not to use custom boxes for shipping in this day and age. To learn more start here or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.

The Art of Marketing, Promoting, and Branding Through Package Design

Branding and packaging design are more intertwined than ever. All you need to do is look at some of the latest electronic offerings to see how companies are using the package to market and promote their brand. While most of us know how much effort Apple puts into its packaging, they are far from the only brand doing innovative things in this area. Here we will discuss some other fine examples of creative packaging for a variety of products that went the extra mile.

The bike messenger bags from Incase’s Courier Collection are sold in rectangular boxes that conjure up images of the sort of packages a messenger might deliver. With string enclosing the edges through button tie closures, and a mix of rawness and elegance, it is a very apt package for the product being sold.
Creative Packaging - InCase
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While Apple has made itself famous through its branding, largely due to their carefully crafted advertisements but also due to their impeccably-designed “un-packaging experience,” Innolab has also set itself apart with innovative packaging design and inventive labels for its brand of iPhone accessories.

Inq Mobile
INQ Mobile designed a beautiful box for its INQ1 product, encouraging customers to keep the package their product comes in rather than throw it away. The box is designed with bright colors and modern styling, making it a work of art in and of itself, and enticing customers to buy the company’s handsets almost as much for the artwork as for the product itself.
Printed Packaging - INQ Mobile
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Microsoft Office for Mac
Microsoft hasn’t always been known for its packaging, as the company has long focused more on its products. That is beginning to change, though, as evidenced in the package design for the Office for Mac products in recent years. The 2011 packaging set a new precedent and the company has been innovating its packaging ever since.

The design team behind jKaczmarek has been responsible for some recent packaging designs for Sony, which utilized acetate sleeves that are both functional and stylish in a way that reflects the shape of the products inside.

We all know the timeless elegance of Timex watches, but the brand hasn’t always been known as much for its boxes. Atlason has designed products as well as packaging from its Manhattan studio, and in recent years designed boxes for the Timex watches being sold in Target stores.
Awesome Packaging - Timex
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Believe it or not, the Zune still exists, and the packaging for these MP3 players may actually be beginning to rival that of its main competitor, Apple. The company once relied on clamshell packaging, but more recent designs have made better use of the available space and made it easier for consumers to open the package and unfold the accompanying literature.

Packaging is much more than just a means of holding and protecting products for sale nowadays. It is an art form with a variety of benefits for marketing, promotional, and branding efforts. There’s no telling where the worlds of branding and packaging design will take us next. To learn more start here or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.

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New Subscription-Based Box Clubs Bring Branding Straight to Customers’ Doors

With never-ending selections of new items and ingenious product package design bringing them to customers’ mailboxes in style every month, subscription-based box clubs have become all the rage. This isn’t exactly a new concept. It has been possible to purchase memberships to clubs that ship the “beer of the month,” “wine of the month,” or “chocolate of the month” to members, which have been popular gift ideas for years. Now it is more a matter of convenience and wanting to try new things, though, and more often it is a gift we give ourselves. Some of the most popular monthly box clubs in recent times have allowed subscribers to try sample sizes of new cosmetics and eat new kinds of meals or snacks. This model is even expanding to new markets such as ties, razors, and socks. And for retailers, this provides an unprecedented opportunity to build brand awareness through the packaging that arrives on customers’ doorsteps.

Clothing and Accessories
Clothing and accessory “rental” clubs have been gaining popularity for a while, with opportunities to try new outfits, shoes, or purses every month based on your size, style preferences, and lifestyle. Customers can just return the items or buy what they like. The fun and convenience isn’t limited to the ladies here, though. Sprezzabox, for example, delivers new ties, socks, and other items for the modern corporate gentleman. Members receive a box with several high-quality grooming items and accessories each month.

Sprezzabox - Example of Printed Shipping Box

Food and Beverages
While the idea of getting new food or beverages in the mail each month isn’t new, it used to be thought of more as a treat, and often given as a gift. Now it’s possible to try new healthy snacks every month thanks to companies like Nature Box and Love With Food, or even get all the ingredients for a gourmet meal with dinner kit subscriptions such as Blue Apron and Plated. Now trips to the store can be much less frequent.

Cosmetics and Toiletries
The most prominent and trendy subscription-based box clubs at the moment are centered on sample and trial sizes of new cosmetics. Companies like Birch Box and Ipsy make it easy to try new makeup and beauty products every month, and customers have incentive to purchase full-size versions of the products they love most with special discounts and point accumulation systems. These clubs aren’t limited to women either, though. The Dollar Shave Club, for example, is a razor subscription service that offers $1/month, $6/month, and $9/month options, as well as shave cream and wipes, for male and female customers.

Perhaps most striking about this new trend is the opportunities it provides for brand recognition, with artfully designed boxes reaching customers’ doors after passing countless people on the way. Each company sets itself apart with product package design that features a carefully implemented logo and other elements that make the box much more than just a piece of cardboard folded up to hold items. For retailers, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. To learn more start here or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.

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Top 3 Benefits of Choosing Corrugated Shipping Boxes

If you aren’t transporting your precious cargo to customers in corrugated shipping boxes, then you may be putting your products at risk. It’s not uncommon to see shipping boxes that have suffered noticeable damage, and once that happens there’s little chance of protecting the products inside a thin box. Bargain-basement shipping boxes are made from thin cardboard that just isn’t going to cut it after being thrown around, pushed, kicked, dropped, scratched, and otherwise pummeled in trucks and warehouses. Shipments that reach their destinations with damaged products inside must be returned and/or replaced, with the additional costs eating away at suppliers’ profit margins. If you are concerned about the safety of your products being shipped to stores and distributors, then you should definitely learn more about the benefits of corrugated. A few of the top benefits are listed below.

A Better Canvas for Branding
Corrugated Shipping Box
Unlike cheap, thin, cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes are perfect for even the most complicated graphics and detailed text. This is why corrugated makes a better canvas for branding. A thick and durable material is a better canvas for tiny printing numbers, text in varying fonts, bold graphics, bright colors, and eye-catching logos. People will remember your brand in a much more positive light when they see your logo, information, and designs well-represented on the boxes you choose to ship your products in.

A More Customizable Option
The customizable nature of corrugated packaging makes it a popular choice for suppliers looking to ship a wide variety of products with varying shapes and differing needs in terms of thickness and protection. Shipments going longer distances, for example, might require thicker packaging. Unusually shaped products will also need a customized shipping option. There is a corrugated box for every occasion, and they can be customized with multi-color printing and artful designs. There are even corrugated materials that have been coated to make them tear-resistant, static-resistant, or flame-resistant.

Superior Material Characteristics
The characteristics of the materials used in a corrugated shipping box simply make it a far superior option compared to the poor characteristics of traditional cardboard or thin plastic materials. The triple-layered fiberboard sheets of a corrugated box are designed to hold a higher amount of weight, and better protect the products inside even when they get heavy. And, since corrugated boxes are recyclable, reusable, and often made from part or all recycled materials, they are also very “green.”

There are many benefits of using corrugated shipping boxes rather than cutting corners with a bargain-basement cardboard box. At the end of the day, you will get what you pay for, and saving a few dollars with cheaper shipping materials will leave your products with less protection on the road. Corrugated boxes can even be reused after shipping for a variety of purposes from storage to displays, so their versatility goes far beyond the world of shipping. With the ability to build brand identity through high-end printing on customized boxes made from a superior material, corrugated might just be the top choice for your shipping needs.