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Top Beauty Subscription Boxes Taking Online Retail by Storm

With luxurious product offerings, new varieties each month, exclusive deals and custom product packaging to set each retailer apart, the new generation of beauty subscription boxes are taking the online retail world by storm. It starts with a subscription (typically $10-$20 a month), and from there retailers find new products to serve you each month. The final step is a creative packaging job that creates a unique and consistent brand experience every time. These boxes-of-the-month do much more than just deliver a random grab-bag of samples to your door – they target the specific types of products you’re interested in. That way you know you’re going to like what you get. And sometimes, you’ll even fall in love with what you get and find your new must-have beauty products.

There are so many to choose from that it can get hard to keep track, but even in a sea of competing beauty subscription boxes a few have been doing noticeably well. Here are four of the top brands that have been getting a lot of traction for their ability to capture audiences from the moment that beautifully packaged box hits their doorstep:

  1. Birchbox
    This popular $10/month subscription provides members with a simple, but unique packaged box containing five beauty and/or lifestyle products from specialty makers such as Amika, Benefit, Deborah Lippman and Stila delivered each month. Members fill out an online survey to help the retailer choose which products suit their preferences and lifestyle, and earn points (and discounts) every time they decide to purchase a full-size version of one of the products they’ve tried.
    Birchbox Custom Printed Ecommerce Boxes
  2. Ipsy
    The “myglam” subscription is more than just a customized box of beauty samples from makers such as Jose Maran, Kiehl’s, Urban Decay and Yes To that are chosen based on your answers to an online quiz. This box is all about custom product packaging. In addition to your beauty box, you also get a cute and collectible cosmetics bag to hold all your favorites in, for only $10 a month.
  3. Beauty Bar Sample Society
    This $15/month subscription service is brought to you by the beauty experts at Allure, and has combined discount shopping with the monthly sample box for an “alluring” retail experience! Subscription members are greeted each month with a classy and uniquely designed box filled with five samples as well as a code for $15 off a $50 purchase from Beauty Bar, as long as you purchase a full-size version of one of the deluxe-sized samples you received. Part of the custom packaging for each monthly delivery is a miniature magazine (also brought to you by the people at Allure).
  4. Julep Maven
    This beauty subscription box is designed just for nail polish lovers, and arrives in a fun purple box. For under $20 a month, subscribers are treated to a variety of colors and an assortment of other cosmetics and beauty products tailored to each customer’s unique preferences. Not only does each subscriber fill out a style profile; they also receive a preview of each upcoming box for the following month to decide whether they want to receive their selected box, send their box to a friend, try a different box or skip it altogether that month.

Online Subscription Services – the New Face of Retail

While pharmacies and convenience stores were once the most convenient place to pick up essential products, online subscription services are quickly replacing the corner shop, and with creative retail packaging customers are greeted with a pleasant shopping experience. Of course, the corner stores of the world aren’t exactly a dying breed just yet, but there are many reasons why online subscription services are simply more convenient in the increasingly fast-paced world we live in. Whether you’re just too busy or just too far from the nearest convenience store or specialty shop, you can get the things you want, need and use on a regular basis delivered straight to your home or place of business. Retailers are striving to create more unique and appealing shopping experiences, too, with monthly subscriptions and pleasant packaging that seal the deal. So just what kind of subscription services are people using these days? And more importantly, what are they buying?

A Subscription Service for Every Need

There are all sort of online subscription services, from everyday items to specialty products. Many of the most popular subscription services offer things that people would typically buy at a drug store or the corner shop, such as soap, razors, toothpaste, toiletries, snacks and drinks, and basic food items. There are also subscription services for more specialized and high-end cosmetics and beauty products, including box-of-the-month clubs where members are treated to an array of new beauty products to sample and enjoy. The trend has spread to markets such as women’s shoes and men’s clothing as well. Organic foods and dried cooking ingredients can be found online, but even fresh produce is available by mail with a monthly subscription. And, of course, the old popular food-of-the-month and drink-of-the-month clubs are still around, with new types of wine, beer, tea, coffee, cheese, bacon, chocolate and other delectable treats offered every month for members to enjoy.

Printed Boxes for Subscription Service

Retailers Heightening the Shopping Experience

The primary selling point of online monthly subscription services is convenience, followed closely by variety. People can get the things they need and use on a regular basis without having to go out of the way to get to the store, and they can also get things they wouldn’t be able to get in their local shop. With the popular toiletry, cosmetics, shoe, clothing and accessory services, all you have to do is fill out your monthly shopping cart and get what you need so you don’t need to brave the lines in the shop or break up your busy day with a trip across town. Other box-of-the-month clubs for things like food, drinks and beauty products send monthly samples so customers can try unique products that they may then choose to order more of if they fall in love. Creative retail packaging allows retailers to set themselves apart and appeal to their customers’ senses, and the benefits of convenience and unique selections of products available nowhere else. From small towns to the height of the big cities, it’s a service that makes an increasing amount of sense in our modern world.

Holiday Product Design and Packaging Ideas for Online Retailers

The winter holiday season may seem like ages away, but retailers are already busy thinking of product design ideas and planning ahead for the 2014 holidays. Online retailers are particularly busy thinking of what they’re going to offer, how they’re going to package it and what their assembly line is going to look like as they get into the midst of their busiest time of year. If you’re an online retailer planning on selling your wares and shipping them directly to your customers’ doors, and you’re not already thinking about these things, it’s about time you started. Here are a few of the latest trends and ideas for brand packaging, shipping and product design to help get you started.

Make Sure Your Product Design is Consistent

However you decide to design your products and market your logo, the key is to be consistent so customers become familiar with your brand and associate your products with a certain name, logo or idea without even thinking about it. From the products themselves to the paper and packaging to the box it all comes in, customers should find a consistent visual image that reinforces your brand identity. This allows you to control how people perceive your brand and makes a positive impression starting from the first shopping experience.

Printed Shipping Box

Custom Packaging Sets Your Products Apart

If you’re going to put a lot of effort into your products and the way they are designed, it’s imperative that you continue that effort into the packaging stage. This means more than just having a consistent color or placing a tiny logo sticker on the outside of the box. If you want to set your products apart you need to go the extra mile and be creative. If you don’t have an artistic or creative side, some outside assistance may be needed to set your products apart in the right way. Package manufacturers may also have ideas from past clients to give your team some inspiration. Setting your products apart this way may be one key to acquiring loyal repeat customers, which is exactly what all retailers dream of.

Custom Boxes to Greet Your Customers with Style

After designing your packaging and establishing your brand, it’s a good idea to order custom boxes that send your products and brand image straight to your customers’ doors. This way everyone who handles or even sees the box as it makes its way from the packaging and shipping center to your customer’s door will be greeted with your unique artwork, designs, logo and color scheme. While plain boxes without printing are always an option, it’s well worth the small investment to go with a custom design. Choose from boxes with one-color direct printing, two-color direct printing and high-end printing for your unique packaging needs. It’s always a good idea to see what other retailers are doing to get an idea, but ultimately your boxes should be unique to your brand. There are also plenty of unique product design ideas on various retail, design and image-sharing sites online if you’re looking for inspiration. Just don’t let your designs, packaging and boxes be plain this holiday season!

The Top 3 Advantages of Shipping with Custom Boxes

With more and more retailers doing business online, custom printed cardboard boxes are becoming more integral to modern shipping, branding and customer engagement efforts. While it may seem like a waste of money and energy to insist on shipping products in custom boxes bearing your company name and logo, the benefits more than outweigh the additional investment. After considering the following advantages of shipping with custom boxes, you may never look at a plain brown box the same again.

ADVANTAGE #1: The Magic of Good Packaging

The fact of the matter is that the most successful retailers set themselves apart, at least to some extent, with their packaging. Just think about the favorite products you grew up with, your first favorite pair of shoes for example, and then think about the packaging. Does anything stand out? Chances are the packaging helped maintain a consistent image and reinforce the positive aspects of product ownership. If you’re sending products to customers’ doors in plain brown boxes, you’re sending the message that you don’t care about your packaging. And if you don’t care about your packaging, what does that say about how you care for your products?

Custom Cardboard Box

ADVANTAGE #2: The Benefit of Brand Reinforcement

Every time a customer opens a package that arrives at their home or office in a custom printed cardboard box, they are being greeted with an image or logo that reinforces a brand before they even get their hands on the product they have purchased. This makes it more likely that they will associate that product with a brand name. As your branding efforts expand, people will only need to see a reminder of that brand image, from a combination of colors to a similar image or phrase, to recall positive memories of the products associated with that brand.

ADVANTAGE #3: A Heightened Shopping/Shipping Experience

Sometimes the little things can make a big difference, and while choosing to ship your products in custom printed cardboard boxes doesn’t necessarily cost a whole lot more, it can go a very long way towards creating a more engaging shopping and shipping experience for customers. When a package arrives in a custom box, it shows a heightened level of care on the merchant’s behalf. This creates a more positive, all-encompassing experience that not only augments the packaging and branding efforts, but helps the customer feel as if they are having a unique shopping experience from start to finish. Having such a positive experience makes customers much more likely to purchase from the same retailer repeatedly, and share the positive experience with their friends.

Printed Box with Logo

Of course, creating a brand identity and ordering customized cardboard boxes to embody that identity isn’t always easy. Many companies work with consultants to create their branding identity and logo designs. And when it comes to customizing and producing the boxes, it’s best to work with a shipping box company that offers a wide variety of products and services that meet your needs. With effective branding, marketing and packaging for your products, customers are sure to see the quality waiting inside.