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FedEx Shipping Rate Changes: How Custom Boxes can Help

The recent news that FedEx plans to change how their shipping rates are calculated could have a significant impact on e-commerce businesses and their customers. The announcement indicates that FedEx will begin using package dimensions, instead of weight, to calculate shipping charges. Analysts expect UPS may soon implement similar changes.

Read the article: FedEx Plans To Charge By Size Could Shake Up E-Commerce

We at Custom Boxes Now believe this is a great opportunity for e-commerce businesses to re-evaluate their e-commerce shipping boxes. Using boxes that are built to perfectly fit products will not only save costs for unnecessary filler packaging, but could also minimize the cost with these upcoming changes by shippers such as FedEx.

eCommerce Shipping Box

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Monthly Subscription Boxes – How We Can Help

Many of our customers are in the business of bundling creative goods for consumers in monthly subscription boxes. From underwear to organic foods, these subscription box services offer consumers an opportunity to get unique goods shipped to them every month.

And of course, these products need to arrive in style! That’s where Custom Boxes Now comes in–we help companies create the perfect custom printed shipping boxes to get products shipped to their destination safely, and of course looking great!

Here are a few examples of box subscription clients we have helped with their shipping boxes:

Mr Smith – Curated
Curated | Mr Smith is the new way to discover and sample award winning and new release spirits, Mr Smith curates a monthly box of samples which are delivered to your door.
Printed Shipping Boxes for Mr Smith

Short Par 4
Created for golfers by golfers, Short Par 4 bundles and sends golf apparel from the likes of Puma, Under Armour, Travis Mathew, LinkSoul and many more.
Custom Boxes for Short Par 4

Kona Kase
Kona Kase delivers nutritional products, inspirational quotes, training tips and stories behind their partner brands.
Printed Boxes for Kona Kase

Use our real-time configurator to build shipping boxes for your business, or contact Custom Boxes Now to discuss how we can help your company ship in style!