What Is Primary Packaging and Secondary Packaging?

So many items, from televisions to shoes and food, require multiple layers of packaging. There is the transportation packaging — usually plain brown boxes — the item is shipped in, the packaging the product is actually stored in and display packaging that stores set up to direct customers to an item.

Custom Boxes Now! can help with a range of boxes and containers for all your needs. Understanding the differences between various types of packaging can help you invest in the right boxes and containers for your products.

The Azkabox Custom Secondary Packaging

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What Are Corrugated Printing Plates?

It’s no secret that adding unique images or distinctive lettering to your packaging and corrugated boxes can instantly draw the eye and create a lasting impression. But the process of getting those designs onto your boxes can be a little less clear. Using printing plates is one method for producing high-quality images at a reasonable unit cost. Here are the finer points of how printing plates work and why they might be a good choice for your needs.

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Full Overlap Slotted Containers for Full Protection

While most products arrive safely at their destination when packed into standard corrugated boxes, some items have specialized needs that regular boxes can’t always accommodate. In fact, studies show there was a 19.1% increase in package damage between February and March of 2020. In these instances, FOLs may have been able to come to the rescue.

What is the FOL box style, and how can you put it to best use? Read on to learn about the benefits of these corrugated boxes.

Trail Truffles FOL Box

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Litho vs. Flexo Box Printing

Advancements in commercial printing have made it possible to complete printing jobs faster than ever. There are two conventional methods of printing on corrugated boxes: flexo printing and litho printing. Which one is best? The answer depends on the specifics of your project, as each process is ideal for different needs.

Planner society custom box

Learn more about the pros and cons of flexo vs. litho printing as well as the similarities and differences so you can make an informed decision for your next printing project.

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6 Advantages of Choosing Custom Cardboard Boxes

Any business that manufactures products knows the importance of quality packaging. Whether you’re distributing your products to a retail location or sending them directly to the customer — the box you choose matters even more than you might realize. The packaging is the first glimpse of your brand that a consumer or retailer will receive. It can make the difference between a forgettable customer experience and long-lasting brand loyalty.

Bless cardboard box

Within the retail and manufacturing industries, corrugated cardboard boxes are a popular choice. They’re particularly effective when paired with custom options that tell the consumer you’re proud of your brand — without having to break the bank. Discover six advantages of choosing cardboard, and learn how to create custom cardboard boxes for your business with one easy move.

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Ben's Deli delivers meals in custom printed boxes

Ben’s Kosher Deli Delivers Meals to Health Care Workers

Our friends at Ben’s Kosher Deli in New York are going above and beyond, delivering delicious meals to area health care heroes. To date, they have delivered over 2,000 meals to area hospitals!

Ben’s is a family owned deli with locations in Woodbury, Greenvale, and Carle Place on Long Island, Manhattan and Bayside in New York City, Scarsdale in Westchester County (just north of New York City), and in Boca Raton, Florida. They have been serving their customers since 1972.

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Teaching Kids About Recycling

America has one of the highest rates of recycling anywhere in the world. However, with the amount of trash in our dump sites, it is clear there is more work to do. It is estimated that 85% of our total waste can be recycled if more people practice recycling and learn more of the benefits. Recycling is a matter of choice and the more a person learns, the more likely they will make a conscious decision to recycle.

Kids putting garbage into plastic containers of different types

What Is Recycling?

The definition of recycling means the collecting, separating, and processing of items that would have been thrown away, and reusing them or re-manufacturing them into new items. An easy way to describe recycling is to think of reducing, reusing, and recycling. The goal is to cut the volume of waste that goes into landfills. Reusing is prolonging the usage of items not needed or used by donating. Finally, recycling materials and having them remade completes the process.

Why Do We Recycle?

There are many reasons why recycling is important. Recycling saves energy and helps environmental conditions. Recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the amount of industrial production. For example, recycling helps save natural resources, such as a tree, when a newspaper is saved and recycled.

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College Corner: Transitioning to Dorm Life

Beginning college is an exciting time, but transitioning from high school to college can seem overwhelming. College freshman have new and exciting experiences ahead of them and should look forward to beginning this new chapter in their lives with out worrying too much about the transition itself. To start off on the right foot, here are a few tips for college freshman to help them transition and succeed in college.

Flatmates are moving into a students dorm

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Shipping Resources: History of the US Postal Service

Between the start of the Revolutionary period and World War 1, US postal officials committed themselves to improving the transportation of mail. From early days up to the present time, the Postal Service has helped in developing and subsidizing each new mode of transportation in the United States. Apart from the postal employees themselves, transportation was the most important development in mail delivery. Even when members of the general public were fearful or somewhat skeptical of the new types of transportation, postal officials still managed to experiment with different inventions that offered the potential for moving the mail faster.

US postal mailboxes

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Boxes On Wheels: A Guide To Box Car Racing

Looking for a fun and educational hobby that you can do with your child? Box car racing, commonly referred to as soap box car racing, is the building and driving of home-made cars. These small cars do not contain a motor and simply rely on the power of gravity, reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Soap box cars are capable of holding a driver, typically a child, and are built for the purpose of recreation or racing. The building of the box car itself can be very educational for a child, allowing him or her to enhance their building skills. Logical plans need to be created prior to the building, as box cars require tad bits of basic engineering, art work, and sometimes even electrical work in more advanced cars. Learn about the history of box car racing and how to build your own.

Box car racing

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