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From RSC’s to Trays & Covers to Corrugated Pads, learn more about box styles and understand which styles are best for your products.

You Need a Large Box? Here’s a Large Box!


Our friends at Evonik Industries needed promotional boxes for samples of their large rigid foam sandwiches, which are used in cool applications such as wind turbines, medical devices, and even aerospace!

Large Printed Cardboard Box

This is one of the largest C-Series type boxes we have ever designed and manufactured: 50″ x 25″ x 4″. If you have really big products that need large shipping boxes, contact us or you can instantly build and price your box online.

By the way, we don’t just make large boxes. If you look closely at the picture, you can see we make really small boxes too. And everything in between.

Custom Boxes Now – Overview Video


Check out this two-minute video that shows how we help our customers by designing and manufacturing custom shipping boxes for their products. It is a quick view into our abilities and equipment that we hope you find helpful.

Let us help you with your next shipping or marketing box project. Contact Custom Boxes Now or use our Custom Shipping Box Configurator to order online.

More Custom Box Examples by Box Style & Print


The more custom shipping boxes we create, the brighter and friendlier the world of business becomes. Our high-quality corrugated packing boxes, combined with your company’s logo printed in high-quality color and definition, create a memorable experience for end-customers. Here are a few more examples of dynamic print jobs from Custom Boxes Now! for some of our favorite customers:

Trans Pecos used a black-on-white style for high contrast to get their brand to pop.
Here is a custom one-color print (black) on two sides of a standard strength white/kraft regular slotted container (RSC) style box.
   White print on brown kraft boxes are simultaneously subtle and eye-catching.
This custom one-color print (opaque white) on four sides of a kraft/kraft standard strength RSC style box gives Campus Snackboxes’ brand a cool elegance.
Two colors appear to be three with clever printing methods, adding more value at lower cost.
Check out this custom two color print for MSU Alumni Association – dark green and olive green – on two sides of a white/kraft standard strength RSC. We reversed-out the text and logo to achieve a three-color look. Two colors appear to be three with clever printing methods, adding more value at lower cost.
   Borestore boxes employ two contrasting colors, black and white, with a third color for accent and emphasis.
Here we have two colors (yellow and black) directly printed on all four sides of a standard strength white/kraft RSC style box.
Kona Kase uses two hot colors with white text for a highly dramatic effect.
This is a die-cut C-series packing box, custom printed with two colors and reversed out text on white/kraft, again achieving a three-color look.
   This box uses four colors in cleverly contrasting juxtapositions, giving the illusion of having more than just four simple colors.
Sage Spoonfuls went all-out with a four-color process litho laminated on a standard strength die-cut C-series box. Their design is colorful, eye-catching and visually informative.

We’re pretty proud of the shipping boxes we’re able to create for our clients. Their shipments pop, dazzle, inform, and project confidence in their products. If you’d like to talk to someone about creating your own custom print shipping boxes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also use our Custom Box Configurator.

Recent Work by Box Style and Print


Check out a few of our recent custom shipping box projects. Custom sized boxes are a great way to impress your customers and protect your products. Custom print jobs will really help secure that impression and give your brand additional exposure.

Corrugated box one color print. One-color print on the outside, then flood-coated inside to draw attention.
One-Color Printed RSC Box
This white corrugated shipping box is a regular slotted container (RSC). We used one-color print for the graphics on the outside of the mottled white box, and then flood-coated the inside to grab the attention of the customer.
Lithograph printed, corrugated custom box – extremely high quality
Two-Color Printed C-Series Box
Using two-color direct print, we manufactured this promotional shipping box as an auto-locking C-Series style for structural performance and as an effective visual piece.
Corrugated Packaging Box. Auto-locking, attractive, effective.
Four-Color Litho Printed Box
This customer required high-end printing for the best possible graphics. To achieve this look, we used our large format litho press for the printing, then laminated the printed sheet to the corrugated shipping box. The result is magazine-quality, eye-catching graphics.

To discuss custom boxes for your products or marketing efforts, use our Custom Shipping Box Configurator or contact Custom Boxes Now!

No need to wait for a quote–build your corrugated shipping boxes and see pricing instantly.

New Cardboard Ballot Boxes / Contest Entry Boxes


Check out some of the recent custom ballot boxes that our sister company, Creative Displays Now!, has done for customers. These corrugated displays can be used as sweepstakes or contest form collection boxes.

Comment Card Collection BoxContest Entry Form Display

These printed displays work great to promote your event or contest while serving as tool for customer feedback or information collection. Use them as countertop displays or add a base and they can stand directly on the retail floor.

Contact Creative Displays Now for more information about these ballot box displays.

Advantages of Custom Shipping Boxes Over Stock-Sized Boxes


Stock-sized boxes are fine if you’re a private individual mailing a textbook you sold on eBay to another private individual. They are fine if you’re moving into a new apartment and you need a convenient way to transport your record collection. They are even fine if you’re giving somebody a puppy as an anniversary present.

Custom Cardboard Shipping Box

But if you run a business and you ship your products on a regular basis, stock-sized boxes are less than ideal.

If you run a business, custom shipping boxes are much better. For one thing, you’ll save on packaging. By ordering custom-sized boxes, you can ensure that you’re not wasting box space or transport space. Whether you deliver your product yourself or have someone deliver it for you, wasted space in a shipping truck or on a bicyclist’s back is a problem you don’t want. And with custom shipping box sizes and dimensions, you can order some to fit the size of one small shipment as well as the size of bulk shipments. Well-planned custom-sized boxes can save your company loads of money over time because of this. When you control the size of the box, you control the cost of shipping.

Additionally, custom-made boxes can have your company logo printed on them. As we mentioned before, boxes make the first impression, so put your company and your product in the spotlight with custom-printed shipping cartons. Show the recipient that you are a thoughtful and caring professional, and that your company can be trusted. With a uniquely-sized box appropriate for the product you’re sending, and with your company’s logo on that box, you’re not just shipping your product, you’re shipping your company’s good reputation.

Contact us at Custom Boxes Now! for help picking the right corrugated shipping box dimensions, style, and design or logo printing for your needs. Or use our Custom Box Configurator to get started immediately! Additionally, don’t hesitate to also contact Creative Displays Now! for any retail store display needs to supplement your perfectly-sized custom shipping boxes.

Custom Cardboard Shipping Box Style & Uses


We’re not supposed to eat the parsley sprigs, but the chef puts them on our plate anyway. We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but publishers give them fancy designs anyway. We’re not supposed to dress our dogs in little doggie sweaters emblazoned with our alma mater, but let’s face it: presentation matters.

It would follow, then, that the package in which you receive a shipment also matters. What’s on the outside of the box sets the expectation for what’s inside the box. The color scheme chosen, the corporate logo on the side or top, the shape and weight of the box – all these things can elicit a specific desired emotional response from the recipient.

custom shipping boxes

The Right Shipping Boxes For the Right Products

Luckily, Custom Boxes Now! can help your company get the right message to come with the right product. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes of custom cardboard shipping boxes, and we can place your company’s branding and colors on the outside.

If, for example, you need to ship something relatively flat (such as a book), we offer a one-panel folder (OPF) style. You fold the flap over and tape or glue it shut, and suddenly you have packaging that stacks well and can also be carried conveniently under your arm.

For items slightly less flat, we can provide a tray and cover style of shipping box. This kind of box works best with lightweight items such as clothing or marshmallows. Typically your customer will open it from the top, and there’s plenty of space on the top to present an emotional and dynamic printed design, so be sure to really make the most of that opportunity!

For bigger and heavier items, we can create full-overlap containers (FOL) (and corrugated pads if you need segmented shipments or just extra padding). Again, this kind of shipping box provides lots of space to show your company’s name and logo, with the full overlap on the top, you have five good surfaces to show who you are.

For irregularly-shaped items, there is the half-slotted container (HSC). This one is an open top container, somewhat specialized in the world of boxes. It offers plenty of opportunity to help your customers equate your company’s name and logo with the actual product itself at the very first glance.

And for most of daily life’s shipping needs, we have the regular slotted container (RSC). This is the most common type of shipping box, and can be manufactured in a vast range of custom sizes to complement your company’s entire product lineup. When you’re selling a product, you’re also selling your business’s reputation. Why not, when delivering an order, also deliver your company’s look and feel?

A properly-sized and shaped container with your company’s logo sets an expectation of professionalism and trust for the product inside. The package is the first thing your recipient sees and the first thing the recipient touches, so remember: presentation matters!

Contact us at Custom Boxes Now! for help picking the right shipping box dimensions, style, and design or logo printing for your needs. Or use our Custom Box Configurator to get started immediately! Additionally, don’t hesitate to also contact Creative Displays Now! for any retail store display needs to supplement your custom shipping boxes.